Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Obama Infection


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America we have an Obama Problem.

Not since the psychological rape of America in the fears of the Great Depression and the horrors of World War II, to community organize America under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, have the American infrastructure so been bastardized to a leftist lunacy deliberately by those Americans trusted to protect America.

Reporter Ed Klein has revealed that FBI Director James Comey has contacted President Donald Trump and informed him, that no one in intelligence believes the Russian hacking occurred and the most damning thing is, is that CIA Director James Brennan has converted the CIA into a dangerous political minder group as Eric Holder bastardized Justice.

ED KLEIN: What I can tell you is that James Comey, the director of the FBI, called Donald Trump and said there is no credible evidence that Vladimir Putin or any other Russian intended to throw the election to Trump, and that the only person in the entire intelligence community that thinks that is John Brennan of the CIA...

STEVE DOOCY: Is there any suggestion that this is a political hit job?

KLEIN: The interesting thing is that what James Comey... told the president-elect is that he believes that John Brennan has politicized the CIA in the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department...

The reality is that it is not just Justice or CIA, but it is Comey's own FBI that is out of control in the leadership in one was taking bribes for his wife and the other was running cover up for John Podesta in Huma Abedin's emailgate.

The EPA has been making war on American landowners and energy producers.

FDIC has been forcing banks to loan funds only to Obama supporters.

The IRS has been harassing Tea Party Americans.

BATF is under orders to drive gun dealers out of existence.

That is the start of the list which includes State that is absolutely Hillary Clinton and John Kerry corrupt and the Pentagon is nothing but a money whore bottomless pit of laundering money for the F 35.

The entire United States Government and Industry has been corrupted by the image of Barack Hussein Obama. Bribes to insurance companies for Obamacare and bribes to green corporations and bribes to GE.

The entire Obama disease has been diagnosed in America, and it must be treated and radically removed by President Trump, in order to take America back, make America great again and for the safety and security of America and the world.

Otherwise the pandemic of Obama will genocide this entire planet, as we have witnessed the insanity and derangement of those infected with the delusions of Barack Hussein Obama.

The most positive start of this is a massive wall is being constructed around the site in Washington DC where image Obama and the wife will inhabit. All that is necessary now is for President Donald Trump to lock the door and make this the fitting quarantine for image Obama in America's newest federal prison, GITBAMA.

Only White Men Build Obama Wall