Friday, January 13, 2017

The Two Legged Toy for the Four Legged Critter$(KGrHqN,!rkFG9sdFYFPBR1H6KBzj!~~60_35.JPG

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Puntz reminds me of all little rascals, two and four legged, that you can buy them toys, but in the end it is some trash that they just love.

For example, Puntz LOVES rolled up tissues. She roots around in TL's hand until the prize is confiscated and then it is off with delight to bat that thing around the floor like a soccer ball.
Puntz also loves Q tips. Probably the most inexpensive toys ever devised, but that is Puntz. Puntz though is an artist, as she shreds kleenex on the couch, she leaves these flower looking things like a chrysanthemum. She is the ultimate Puntz cat.

On the other hand, I had to confiscate two play toys from Daisy this morning. First toy was a string off a bag of feed which she had down her throat, and the second was the slipped hair off that rotten dead calf, in the cow I had to shoot.
Disinfectant, lube and rotten bovine, and this is what is attractive to Daisy, along with string and plastic.

My Ruby loved sticks. She would take these 6 foot branches and run with delight, smacking them into people, as she got stickers in her mouth, to which she drooled.

Puntz though is gaining control over the house. We can not take her to bed, but instead we go to bed, and then sometime in the night I hear this clawing by my head, whereby I reach over and haul Puntz up, where she sleeps in her little corner on a towel.
This morning was a new phase of touch me from not touch me. I put my knee on her, and was checking her in the dark, when I heard the Puntz sound. Puntz makes this cat sound which most cats never make in a sort of "happy purr meow". She did this three times, then came up purring to lay on my chest, as she likes being scratched in the early morning, and enjoys biting my chin.........3 times, with bites which are more like grab onto the skin and just pull until her fangs slide off.
Part two was Puntz licking TL to wake up and then the Puntz rites of morning absolution in sitting on pillow by the face, followed by the Puntz attack, which are my hands in chore gloves and we fight for half an hour. Sidelines to this are diving to bite my arm to make certain I am paying attention as Puntz loves to hear humans cry out. She has this windmill thing in which she rears up from hiding to attack me, and I shriek and Puntz does her puppy run away as I must chase her as this is playtime.

So it appears I am somewhere on the list of favorite toys in used tissues, Q tips and then me. I think I am after the tissues, but a close second, as tissues do not bleed. Then again tissues do not cuddle with Puntz and let her howl in rage over some perceived slight which has offended Miss Puntz, never enough to jump away, but only enough in our game to bite.

And yes we must have an audience as I was cleaning her up after poo time the other day and she never said a word. Have TL though for an audience and Puntz goes rabid cat savage in sounding like the visitation of the legendary Sword Fang Cat.

She is a good kitty, like all the critters are good in their own personalities which I help develop. It is just interesting that there sits a rubber squeak toy she has no interest in, but she will ferret out a tissue like a lab after a pheasant.

I can just imagine when we do get a puppy someday, how much a circus it will be, and how it will be the puppy up on the bed as puppy will be slighted and sad.

More two legged toys for the four legged animals.