Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Lesson on Assassination from Fake News

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Law Enforcement, AFTER THE FACT, has discovered that a woman named Emily Guendelsberger was behind the leaked conversations of the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia, in which President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence appeared.

One of the illegal recordings had this criminal stalker in the room with Vice President Mike Pence.

The official story is extremely troubling, as Ms. Guendelsberger had counterfeit identification, was telling security she was the wife of a Republican Congressman (Which wife we do not know.) and she had these bogus security passes shown at every checkpoint several times.

The sources familiar with the investigation said Friday that Guendelsberger gained access by saying she was the wife of a legislator. Investigators believe she made the recordings but have not yet confirmed it, the sources said.
The Congressional Institute, the nonprofit that organized the retreat, said in an email to lawmakers last week that the intruder “misrepresented herself” several times and used counterfeit credentials.
However, she went through the same security checkpoints as every other attendee at the conference, said the letter, obtained last Saturday by the Associated Press.
Secret Service spokesman Martin Mulholland said Friday that Trump and Pence were never in any danger.

 There is absolutely no confidence in the Secret Service assessment that the President and Vice President were never in any danger. We live in an Obama imported terror world. We are now hostage to Bush appointed judges ruling that America has no borders and terrorists from the Mideast are pouring in. We are in a world where a Machete Muslim was in the French Louvre.
So forgive the concern that thee ENTIRE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP was in a building and a stalker, looking to publish dirt on Republicans had free access, in the Capital Police could not catch her.

What if she had a machete under her skirt? What if it was a gun in her pants? What if it was a bomb? What if she brewed some home toxin as that is what the DC protesters were going to light off in an Inauguration Event.

This is beyond serious as there is supposed to be at least three rings of security which are impenetrable, and this woman was not noticed and never would have been noticed if she had not sent out the illegal recordings trying to advance her career by destroying President Trump.
That begs the question in who the hell else was at this retreat or who the hell else has gained access to areas they were gathering intelligence on for only who knows what crime.

Security in a terror world where der Spiegel and rappers are calling for harming the President as Soros rioters burn down streets and Bush appointed judges gives terrorists carte blanche to invade America, is a matter of absolute necessity, as the US government has hordes of Obama zealots who are gathering in groups collecting data to find crimes on their superiors.

The one certainty in this is, is that this Emily Guendelsberger is not the first person who pulled this in the media, and if the Fake News is pulling this, then there are some very bad people running through these horrendous holes in security.

This is the elected American Government and a harpie ran through the security several times without a problem. That is damning and any "assurances" hold absolutely no merit as the facts are the President and Vice President were both exposed and that means they were in danger.

Sincerely, President Trump must have his own 3 rings of security and it must be an immediate overhaul of the Presidential security team, of creating established outer, inner and next to the President teams, of perhaps standing Military Police in the outer reaches, and then levels of Secret Service on the inner levels.

There has been far too much of this taking place, over and over again, and it must cease.

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