Monday, February 6, 2017

Alternative to the Fag Scouts

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With the sodomizing of the Boy Scouts from their original charter of wholesomeness to the current Obama cesspool trends of allowing satan knows what into little boys tents, the Lame Cherry wills to educate you on an alternative to the Boy Scouts, and the name of this Christian group which is growing rapidly across the United States is Trail Life USA.

Trail Life USA, The 'Other' Boy Scouts Of America : NPR

... calls itself a Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts, ... Trail Life USA, The 'Other' Boy Scouts Of America. ... But Trail Life USA says it expects ...

This Christian organization has a basic charter of what the Cub and Boy Scouts used to be. It is simple in forming the best character for young males in wholesome peer groups from kindergarten to seniors in high school.

Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.
Operating from Troops that are chartered through churches in 48 states, the K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.
Their latest badge is Respect for Life in true American morals which too many youth are void of.

2017 Respect Life Press Release
1/27/2017 6:05:00 AM BY Staff

January 26, 2017

Boys Christian Outdoor Organization Introduces “Respect Life” Badge
GREENVILLE, SC- Trail Life USA, the Christian character, leadership, and adventure organization for boys, released its “Respect Life” Trail Badge, which encourages respect for life from conception to natural death.

This is a real organization and every Protestant and Catholic Church in America should be engaged in sponsoring a chapter for their youth, as nothing is better for young people to be outdoors and testing themselves as President Theodore Roosevelt often expressed.

While this is not a hunting centered group, there is an old adage which rings true in, Take your kids hunting or you will be hunting for your kids. A child tested on their merits in hiking, and facing who they are in a tent in the darkness is a child who will have no need to testing limits in civilization in acting out and will never follow the sinners of liberalism, but will instead arise to be the leaders as they will know who they are, and most importantly be self assured and have nothing to prove.
They do include though a shooting sports guide, so are pro Second Amendment. They are the virtues the Boy Scouts used to be.

 It all costs money though and as you multi millionaires are sitting on wads of cash and never donating, perhaps you could point to doing one thing in your life and sponsoring a Trail Life USA troop from your Church in providing for the poor kids who need this kind of activity, rather than texting and believing their Obama indoctrinated teachers who think the world is not to be touched, but watched on PBS.

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