Monday, February 6, 2017

Always a Trump Winner always an Obama loser

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Do you remember how when Obama, the sports guru, was picking everything and the press was covering it like it was prophesy? Remember how every team Obama picked LOST. Remember how that poor horse in the Triple Crown got sick and almost died? Remember how after years of this in everything Obama touched turned to ashes that the Obama picks just disappeared?

I do.

That is why it was refreshing and absolutely typical of Donald Trump to go on the public record with this;

"By how many points?" O'Reilly asked.
"By eight points," Trump replied.
The final outcome -- which for the first Super Bowl was decided in a sudden death overtime -- was Patriots 34, the Falcons 28.
Here's the full exchange:
O'REILLY: "Fox Sports is demanding that I ask you to make a prediction."
TRUMP: "Well I hate to make predictions."
O'REILLY: "But you have to."
TRUMP: "But I hate to do it. But I'll say --"
O'REILY: "-- Because I won't leave unless you do."
TRUMP: "I'll say -- I don't know, what are the odds? I guess it's pretty even, right? Two great teams."
O'REILLY: "Yeah."
TRUMP: "I'll say the Patriots will win."
O'REILLY: "By how many points?"
TRUMP: "By eight points."
O'REILLY: "That's a good presidential prediction."
TRUMP: "I shouldn't be doing those things but that's OK."
O'REILLY: "And you don't need any data."
TRUMP: "I need no data."

And it would have been 8 points too with a two point conversion, but once again President Donald Trump picked the winner...........and how much do you want to bet that image Obama from Virgin Island picked the Atlanta Falcons.

For the record, I had the Patriots by 10, but my excuse is, I did not realize that it was probably God again, sticking it to the #NeverTrumpers, to let them rant in their nut caves and froth about Donald Trump's friends being beaten, only to have the Patriots set another record.

When I watched the NFL, the Steelers were my team. I said this year though if they were going to be beat, that I did not want them in the Super Bowl. I stated when the Patriots fell behind that they needed a cheap score fumble to win it as Atlanta had on an interception, and it worked out exactly as stated.
I never liked Tom Brady, because New England is so good at finding talent. In stating this, the New England Patriots with Bill Bellichek, Mr Kraft and Tom Brady are the best NFL winning franchise  in history by proof and by ability. They have surpassed Chuck Knoll  and the Steelers under Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach and Tom Landry of the Cowboys,  and relegated the group who was probably the best in Bill Walsh and Joe Montana of the 49ers.

Whether God, more NFL crookery in fixed games, or the fact that the Falcons did not finish  the game, Atlanta lost this game, because they quit. All they needed to do was score field goal, as they had succeeded at cheating in holding Patriots receivers up to scuff Brady in the first half. When their offense relaxed, the defense had to end up chasing the Patriots and it wore them out on coverage for the tie, and they had nothing in their tank on the front line to pressure Brady. That spells comeback and the disaster of blowing a 25 point lead.

For the record  when the 49ers crushed Denver by like 50 points, the 49ers never quit  until the game was over. That is how you win a Super Bowl. You play 16 games in not quitting. You play two playoff games in not quitting, and you play 4 quarters of Super Bowl, and not two quarters.

Trump supporters had better be like the Patriots  in giving her hell the entire 4 years or they are going to be genocided by the Falcon #NeverTrumpers.

 Robert Kraft and crowd mercilessly stick it to Roger GoodellRobert Kraft and crowd mercilessly stick it to Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell getting booed and hating life.

“Two years ago, we won our fourth Super Bowl in Arizona and I told our fans that was the sweetest one of all,” Kraft said. “But, a lot has transpired during the last two years, and I don’t think that needs any explanation. But I want to say to our fans, our brilliant coaching staff, our amazing players, who are so spectacular, this is unequivocally the sweetest. And I’m proud to say, for the fifth time, we are all Patriots tonight.”

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