Sunday, February 19, 2017

Coup Plotter Creepers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Craig Deare is typical of the 'penis head' hirings which are sorted through in the psychological and security forms which are designed to sort out Americans like you, and produce this Obama zombie which thinks it is Charlie Rose brilliant and contends itself as no one wants who they are, they will lurk around and usurp power from the President and "rule the world".
Those forms are designed to cull independent thinkers, and to mould pack mentality who follow orders in the belief they are superior to the mob in the streets, as part of the police state profile.
The Lame Cherry again advocates that the Trump Administration revisit this Tavistock problem as the President is under attack from the very zombie who are gleaned from this psychological sifting and we can all agree what a threat it is to National Security.

With that opening, Craig Deare opened a salvo against President Donald Trump at the communist Wilson school, complaining that no one listened to him, and that Latin American policy was all being formulated by President Trump, Steve Bannon and Jared Kurschner.
Perhaps if the intellectual Mr. Deare had actually supported Donald Trump during the campaign, instead of knowing that Hillary Clinton was his president who he would serve to the genocide of America, then the President might be listening to Craig Deare now.

It was not enough though that Craig Deare was part of this Obama coup against President Trump, but that Craig Deare went off on his foreign policy lecture about how attractive Ivanka Trump Kurschner is. It was described as awkward, but stalking is never awkward it is simply creepy, because if some pervert in a suit is lusting after the daughter of the President in public, then satan knows what a creepy old male is doing at this desk in sticky keyboards or has a blow up doll with Ivanka's face on it at home.

So it is right that Craig Deare was escorted from employment at the NSC, as the crime of subversion is perpetual in the Obama, Clinton, Bush, Pence group, as satan only knows what Deare has in his office of pictures of himself and Ivanka on display.

Would someone arriving at his home have pictures on display of Craig and Ivanka with the children, with love notes attached?

It is all simply creepy and perverted. Worse yet is Craig Deare thought he was among like minded perverts at Wilson, and was.........because only ONE PERSON reported what this pervert said and did. That means Wilson is overflowing with the same type of pasted faces on pictures with Ivanka and lust notes attached.

What is most troubling in all of this is we did not get rid of this pervert in his being removed from the NSC. No, this lurker moved back to the National Defense University, so Americans are still paying the salary of this creepy perv as he is still on the payroll, and still melding little minds to hate Donald Trump and creep on Ivanka Trump.

It is time that Maj. Gen. Padilla of the USMC fire Craig Deare and the courts order a psychological evaluation of this pervert, who is a candidate to be blackmailed by the Russian FSB, because arrogance melded with the sexual objectification of women is what a Bill Clinton is, a Teddy Kennedy is, and why Joe Biden was forever sniffing women and children.

For the record, President Trump was elected by the People. The People rejected Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and these experts who have done nothing but make war and bring about the American genocide as they vacation on pedo and virgin islands.
So President Trump decides who are his staff and counselors, and if it is Jared Kurschner and Steve Bannon, then they had the brains to figure out how to be Donald Trump supporters or marry the daughter. For the rest of the elite, you had your opportunity to serve America, and all you did was serve the ugliness of Obama, and that does not get you a pass to weird out over the pretty in the President's daughter.

It is mandatory that Craig Deare be removed from the National Defense University, his security clearance removed, his file be flagged and be monitored by Homeland Security as a threat to the President and his family.

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