Friday, February 17, 2017

Coup Plotter Katie Walsh and Her Dirty Sheets

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When one goes in and bitch slaps the President's son in law, Jared Kurschner at Trump Tower, one would think that........when Jared Kurschner called her a dirty f*cking whore under his breath, that Katie Walsh was actually not one.

It seems that for some reason, young blonde Katie Walsh somehow ended up with Senator Mark Kirk's penis between her legs. That would be Senator Mark Kirk of Naval Intelligence and his wife of Naval Intelligence and Katie Walsh looking like a Bush fam CIA asset recruit, all having Mark Kirk's old cock in common.
That is what the rumor is, is that Katie Walsh was living with Senator Mark Kirk, at least until the geezer about went tits up from a stroke from a blood clot in his neck.

No rumor if Kirk stroked out in wild sex with his kitten or what got the codger, but I know my Uncle had a like problem after someone hit him in the neck.

Born in Champaign, Illinois, Kirk graduated from Cornell University, the London School of Economics, and Georgetown University Law Center. He practiced law throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He joined the United States Navy Reserve as a Direct Commission Officer in the Intelligence career field in 1989 and was recalled to active duty for the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. He participated in Operation Northern Watch in Iraq the following year. He attained the rank of Commander and retired from the Navy Reserve in 2013

In February 1998, Kirk met Kimberly Vertolli, a Naval Intelligence Officer, while the two were on duty together at the Pentagon. The two married in 2001] and divorced in 2009.

Bit of a problem though in Senator Mark Kirk had other lapses beyond fornication and adultery, as his memory kept creating awards he never won in service to America, and his memory kept creating a war hero image in Iraq, when Kirk never left America.

Senator Mark Kirk Lied about serving in the Iraq War.

"Sen. Mark Kirk's campaign falsely asserted ... Kirk himself made claims that he was an Iraq veteran and was even named the Navy's intelligence ... ABOUT US ...

Mark Kirk Admits To ANOTHER False Military Record Claim | The ...

The hits keep on coming for Republican Illinois Senate hopeful Mark Kirk ... Kingdom United States. ... the Navy did inform Kirk that ...

In that great judgment though, Mark Kirk was in bed with Jeb Bush in being part of the sabotage against President Donald Trump.

GOP Sen. Mark Kirk: I cannot support Donald Trump ...

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk said Tuesday that Donald Trump "does not have the temperament" to hold the job of president, saying he "cannot and will not ...

Before Kirk left the GOP, he decided to reveal that Lindsey Graham is a man whore. That part I find hard to believe, but apparently any old rich snatch in South Carolina was prey for Lindsey Graham.
Kirk mentioned that Graham was only in the race to destroy Rand Paul and run interference for Jeb Bush to steal the nomination.

Sen. Mark Kirk and his comments could tank GOP ticket in 2016 ...

... Senator Mark Kirk spoke of unmarried ... He's just there to peel the skin off Sen. Rand Paul and help Jeb Bush win the ... "Senator Kirk's 'joke ...


U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush raise ...

Visit Crain's Chicago Business for ... U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk and presidential hopeful Jeb ... Bruce Rauner Craig J. Duchossois Jeb Bush Mark Kirk Muneer Satter ...

It all worked out for Kate Walsh though, because after Kirk stroked out, she took her pussy and left the building. Great insight into Katie Walsh who was hanging around old John Ashcroft and rose quickly past the glass ceiling......and seems to find high positions with other powerful men fast. Then came John McCain, then came Reince Priebus and the last strange bedfellow in being Mike Pence, but little Katie is moving on up, as she is no longer spreading her legs in adultery alone, but has been involved in influence pedaling with Mike Pence.

It would seem astute in a woman who might have slept her way to the top, trashed the President's son in law, and has been outed in criminal influence pedaling in a conspiracy, that she would be more moral or at least virginal, instead of having a pile of dirty laundry as high as Mount Rushmore.

When Manchin, a centrist Democrat facing re-election next year, called incoming Trump White House adviser Katie Walsh in early January to request a meeting with Pence, the senator found himself face to face with Pence only a few hours later. They exchanged cellphone numbers and Manchin again sat down with Pence on Wednesday for a discussion that included the Supreme Court vacancy and federal judicial appointments.

Say you don't suppose that is Katie's nickname do you? Mount Rushmore, and that is why Kirk stroked out?

Anyway, Kirk refused to step down, and was defeated by a real Iraq War Veteran, with no legs. Kirk just does not have any luck with women.