Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Fascism Forever Club"

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I have valued the work of Wayne Madsen, but his latest writings linking Judge Neil Gorsuch to a club called "Fascism Forever Club", in which he was President, and run with by the Daily Mail and New York Post as "gospel" does not serve America and is more Fake News.

The worst of this is that it is the intelligence connected National Review which had to investigate this easily and discredit it all. The fact is the club never existed. It is like numbers of entries in the yearbook by school editors were clever satirical digs at each other. The school allowed leeway for creative expression in not taking things too serious in "what do yo want to be when your grow up".

As a personal experience at Gestapo High where I was held captive, my senior English teacher decided to give us a paper to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. There was a popular girl who was offended by this grade school project and became creative, and some others followed my lead. I seem to recall that one person wanted to become a rodeo bronc buster, another a a snowmobile get the idea, and I received an A for my report, until she read the others, and became FURIOUS, and returned to my paper, scratched out the A and put a BIG RED F on it with other catty comments about there was not a college named as I stated.
I argued the point in stating I would bring the information, and the Hilda backed down and said I could have my A.......I still think she never changed the grade like the other kids got their failing grades.

So intelligence students running circles around teachers, jamming bells so they do not ring, taking every excuse to get out of class, is what normal children do as sitting in rows is quite boring.

All the fascists prove is Neil Gorsuch is quite gifted and is beyond what most adult minds are.

As for the Henry Kissinger quote from 1967 in:

The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.

It can be more pranks or as easily as a Christian Conservative condemning the out of control actions in the US government.

What is most bothersome is Wayne Madsen taking a cheap shot in Mr. Gorsuch's mother died of lung cancer, from smoking cigarettes (unproven), and this was somehow fitting as her direction from President Reagan was to stop the Clean Air Act, which Americans have been charged trillions of dollars for in one of the many reasons bankrupting America, are connected.

It degrades to attacks connecting Chief Justice William Rehnquist to Judge Gorsuch had views like those of John Birch, which most Americans do, and that Eisenhower was a pinko leftist........which he was in socializing America and that other Supreme Court Justices were pinko commies, which in fact they were in the 5th Column to overthrow America.

Those are the facts in the latest Fake News smear of Neil Gorsuch, which are going to spread among the DailyKos nitwits, and be abandoned by the Chuck Schumers in the Senate so they do not look like they are Russian hacking shit for brains.

In finality, all of you can read the Henry Kissinger quote in Wikileaks IN CONTEXT. For those interested in the Truth, the quote is from a transcript of a meeting in Europe in 1975 AD in the year of our Lord, in which Dr. Kissinger, during the dangers of the Cold War going nuclear incineration of America and Europe, was attempting to distribute MILITARY SPARE PARTS TO NATO ALLIES in order to keep Europe secure and ward off a Soviet attack.
Hence Dr. Kissinger was stating that he always advocated protecting America and her allies AT ALL COSTS, including violating the law which did not allow transfer of military equipment to allies without authorization, and in order to keep a nuclear war from beginning, Kissinger even would violate Constitutional restraints to protect America.
As a point, was Dr. Kissinger going to wait around for Congress to direct money to a subversive group weakening Red Square or would Dr. Kissinger just move the money around and provide it.....leaving no record in Congress which would get the refuseniks slaughtered.

Kissinger: Ecevit can be very helpful. Art will see the Germans on the way home and also see Haig to see about getting surplus parts out of stocks. And [Ambassador David] Bruce was helpful.

Esenbel: The Europeans should find ways to meet quick needs; for example, the Air Force needs spare parts. For other items that they can't find in the stocks, maybe you could make a deal with the Dutch or others to send it here.

Macomber: That is illegal.

Kissinger: Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid to say things like that.

We'll make a major effort.

"Fascism Forever Club."

Being this shoddy in not being honest with readers is the fascism and in the absolute problems President Trump is facing now in Russia, China and nuclear Iran, this kind of smear inflames the lunatics burning down American cities, so lunatics with nuclear weapons conclude a terror strike on America is the answer.

Stop being morons in being led around by this as what follows is the American Genocide.