Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kellyanne's Legs More Open Than Her Government


Who was standing there taking Mrs. Conway's Photo?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about Sean Spicer of the White House, demanding to see all of his staff's phones to check if they had been talking to the press, and none of those phones showed any leads to the leaks. The reason I was thinking about it all, is because Kellyanne Conway sure looks like from her couch photos surrounded by dozens of black men, and her Ivanka support, that someone sure is hot for her job.........like Katie Walsh.

The reason I was thinking about it, is I was looking at White House jobs.....yeah you can go on their site and they got jobs up the yang to apply for, and that is when I saw some Office of Government Ethics, and they have been the ones hot on the trail of Kellyanne Conway.

So I looked them up, and it says no one is in charge, but they all earn more than other people do.....like in the 180,000 dollar a year in salaries, but they have no budget information or how many people work there. So I thought as a member of the media I would request that information as at the bottom of their page they had a notice of OPEN GOVERNMENT, as we are all for that.

Then I got this reply:

Please provide me with a telephone number so that I may contact you about your media request or you may contact me at the telephone number that is provided below.

Media Liaison
U.S. Office of Government Ethics
(202) 482-9274

Visit OGE's website: www.oge.gov
Follow OGE on Twitter: @OfficeGovEthics

No wonder Sean Spicer was looking  at the phones, as apparently nobody talks to anyone without a phone number. I know this because I asked Interior about that lead ban by Obama making it illegal for people with guns or fishing tackle to be on federal lands, and they kicked it to USFWS and that has been two weeks, and they have not replied.
Homeland has not gotten back to me from yesterday either in that story about leaks from Homeland in I asked which department was handling the immigration paper that leaked to AP and who else was supposed to add information to it.
Again no reply, as unless a government employee is leaking information, no one gives information, and it appears unless they can listen to someone talking to them, they won't talk to you.......little alone can these 6 figure salaried employees that I am the boss of can not even construct a proper letter in etiquette.

It just seems odd that an agency which is so Open Government, and so up Kellyanne Conway's knickers, would be more interested in serving the public in answering questions in emails, as some people should have their privacy respected in having a condition in not being able to communicate on the phone.

So if I was President Trump, I would fire everyone at OGE for not being Open Government, and if I was Sean Spicer, I would look at the emails of the leakers, as they would have an email saying,  "Please send me your phone number or call mine, as I only dispense information to the press that way.

Sorry Kellyanne Conway, you are on your own in this coup, as for some reason the Open Government is not willing to talk to the press over at OGE.