Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mr. President Send The IRS After Congressional Fortunes

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Let us just cut the bullshit in this, in the GOPliters in Congress who answer to Big Koch in Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are sabotaging President Donald Trump, to pick off Republicans in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, so Nancy Pelosi and  Chuck Schumer will then impeach President Trump and install Big Koch boy, Mike Pence as president.

That is what is behind these Paul Ryan delays on Obamacare  repeal and providing tax breaks to Americans to get America out of this Obama Super Depression, where only the elite 1% have all the money and Americans eat shit, as Mitch McConnell plays parliamentary tricks to protect his oligarchs who are profiting off of Obamacare.

Krauthammer: Not Repealing Obamacare ‘Would Be the Ultimate Betrayal of the Electorate’

The Lame Cherry has some advice for President Trump as it is evident the GOPliters in Congress have no intention of saving Americans from genocide and intend to provide the platform for the impeachment of President Trump.

Paul Ryan likes to speak of budgets and "how things are done" in these treacherous delays,  but ask yourself if a meteor was going to strike in 12 hours, World War III in 12 hours, do you think Paul Ryan could get a piece of legislation passed if his life depended on it then? You know blessed well that Ryan would have things on Mr. Trump's desk with 11 hours to spare, as this is all a fraud excuse again. This is the same child molester excuses Dennis Hastert gave in not doing anything for his Big Koch oligarchs which gave America this disaster.

For the advice, we know that Congress sets taxes, the IRS collects taxes, Congress spends money, Treasure signs the checks.
For those unaware, that is called checks and balances literally, because Congress sets taxes and spends the money, but it is the EXECUTIVE WHICH COLLECTS THE MONEY AND SIGNS THE CHECKS CONGRESS SPENDS.

Nowhere in the myriad of laws does it state that the IRS has to collect anything. In fact there was not an IRS at the founding of America, and when one understand that fact, then something like this takes place:

Bill Clinton had retroactive taxes, in placing taxes on people who already paid taxes, so President Trump should sign an Executive Order as follows:

The President Instructs the IRS that in POST TAXES in the structure to be created in 2018, that the IRS will only collect 10% of repatriated funds returned to America, with full immunity to the corporations in Presidential Pardon if Congress attempts to levy taxes on these funds later.

Furthermore, the President instructs the IRS to collect taxes from Americans in 3 tax brackets, with no Obamacare enforcement, with full pardon on all American taxpayers from further Congressional penalties during this period in the future, until Congress implements the 3 tier tax system.

Signed this year of our Lord, 2017 AD

Now comes the second Executive Order:

The President as of this date orders the IRS to seize all moneys and properties of all Congressional representatives and senators in a legal reality of paying for the debt ceiling which was raised. Just as no American can kite checks or spend money they do not have, the President places full responsibility on Congress so it should not profit from this debt spending.

Furthermore, the President instructs the Treasury to not pay any Congressional salaries, budgets or expenditures, until the United States Congress repeals and replaces Obamacare, and produces a tax rate and program which meets with the President's full approval.

Signed this year of our Lord, 2017 AD

One does not shut down the Government. One is Robin Hood taking from the millionaires on Capitol Hill all of their booty and makes them suffer the way 95 million Americans are suffering.
No one is going to protest these assholes on Capitol Hill having the screws put to them.

President Trump will only collect taxes on a future tax rate and President Trump will cease Obamacare and leave Congress without a personal credit card that is valid in trying to rent a hotel, to get this treacherous Congress to do the People's Business instead of the Oligarch's Bidding.

It is guaranteed in 14 days, all of the legislation which President Trump is demanding for the American People will be on his desk, exactly as Mr. Trump was elected on mandate to accomplish.

As President Trump is on the chopping block of Pelosi, Ryan, Schumer and McConnell, he might as well be Donald Trump, excite the masses against their enemies in Congress and the oligarchs, seize the momentum and make this the fight on President Trump's terms and laws passed on Mr. Trump's conditions.

President Trump is going to have to Govern alone, that has been proven. It is a reality that unless these pompous asses on Capitol Hill have everything confiscated and are made responsible for their debt, that nothing is going to change, and what will follow is Mr. Trump's impeachment unless he acts.

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