Friday, February 3, 2017

Mr. President, Time to Teach the Traitors Fear

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I heard that Dennis Miller was tongue in cheek, like many people, speaking about the two Americas, and how Americans should just divide and give the west coast to liberals and give the northeast to liberals, and then we could all just have the country we wanted.

The Lame Cherry answer to that is BULL PUSSY!!!!

That Miller boy needs to get his head out of his ass, because I ain't giving nothing to nobody, especially hell bound goddamned liberals.

I know the shit they would pull, as they been pulling that shit all along in they would bring in more goddamn 3rd world vermin, and that shit would pour into the United States, so instead of a Texas size Trump Wall, America would need WALLS from sea to polluted Muslim shit sea.

I know the reality of these liberals would make those states 3rd world cesspools, worse than they are now, and then the sons of bitches would be invading America, the same way these California sons of bitches ruined everything from New Mexico to Missouri and the same way New Yorkers ruined Connecticut.

I know the next step would be those liberal shit holes would be signing treaties with those goddamn vermin Chicoms and Muslim Mafia and we would have Chicom bases and Muslim nukes in California and New York pointed at America on our shores with a fucking and raping 200 million rape cock army to invade America.

So that boy Dennis Miller needs to get his head out of his ass. I ain't giving California over to secession and I ain't given a foot of America to no goddamned liberals, and that includes burying the sons of bitches. The ocean has a good shark population yet and I am completely green on that issue.

And that is the issue, in let us just all get our heads out of our Obama sodomite assholes, and face the reality that America is at war. Liberals have declared war on Americans from Standing Rock to Berkeley, and it is George Soros funded and it is terrorism designed to rip America apart according the cartel's propaganda in movies like Vendetta for an American Civil War.

It is about time that President Donald Trump start leading Americans the way President Andrew Jackson did, in removing the terrorists from America in a real trail of tears. All the President has to do is tell the military and police state to get the hell out of the way, and tell Americans to handle the situation and their 300 million guns will drive this ilk to Mexico, the same way those proper English drove the French out of Quebec to Louisiana.
See it is all historical and the victor takes the spoils, and they do not give America to a bunch of goddamn Godless traitors.

The President can tell the military and police they are free to join in, but they do not interfere. The President sets up a 1 800 number for Americans to call if some goddamn badge wearer decides to start arresting Americans for driving this ilk into Mexico, and then the feds get involved in droning those cities to a scorched plume. The President orders the same booty system of the high seas in wars that the victors divide the spoils. Americans get that for their pay in cleaning out America. There are a lot of mansions across America with gates and guards belonging to these liberal terrorists, and you tell Americans just like David told his people, "The first one over the wall, gets the prize" and Americans will be what Americans are in settling the American issue.

6 months, it's a done deal. America is one wonderful People again, and north Mexico is the Romney shit hole for liberals where they belong. Any Fake News and any Obama robe wearers get in the way, they start wearing lamp posts for ties in a Trump Decree. I am certain there are numbers of talented Americans who would like their own local media to be their own on a first come first deed mandate.

Dennis Miller is the problem in America in thinking you can be kind to liberals and they will behave like Christians. That is the problem is that pussy attitude in Americans have been giving these goddamned traitors their way and that is why the John Birch Society stood up in the first place. Now though Dennis Miller has President Trump and has that pussy mindset of giving liberals parts of America. That is bona fide bull shit. I ain't giving America to nobody. All Americans want is for President Trump to give them their head, and by God and that 1.5 billion rounds of 40 Smith and Wess that Obama bought to shoot Americans, American Patriots will take this nation back and have awakened in them the fire breathing Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt lynch committee attitude of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Just give the order Mr. President, and Americans with those 300 million guns will fix things the American way in 6 months. You will be surprised how fast Congress passes your bills and how fast Ruth Bader Ginsburg puts the official stamp of law on things at the Supreme Court.

I ain't Dennis Miller with the pussy attitude of giving things, because like 200 million Americans we already had everything taken from us. I am done giving and am waiting for President Trump to lead to take America back and make America great again.

As General William Tecumseh Sherman said about war being hell, it is time Americans sent this demon possessed traitor lot back to where it came from, and the 3rd world is a start.

Well Mr. President you are teaching the mob to riot, and mouth off to you like Arnold Schwarzenegger who can not take a joke. It is time to teach them to fear you.

Nuff Said