Monday, February 13, 2017

Playboy for Snowflakes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hugh Hefner is a dirty old sod, who ran Playboy into the ground by not being bright enough to understand that with online porn for free, no one was going to pay for it online at the Playboy site.

After that money bleeder, Playboy went non nude, and that was even worse.

So Playboy has returned to a cover which features this:

Van Jones, the communist radical is a hero.

Nasty snatch, Trump hater, Scarlett Johanssen is featured.

The rest are more of this worthless leftist fluff that no one cares about and featuring cannabis.......yeah that is a real demo, young males nursed on soy milk with low testosterone,  who are stoned, who can not get it up from smoking downers.

For those who do not know the history of Hugh Hefner, when he began Playboy, Playboy was pro gun and right wing. It was when Ed Meese was unleashed by the Reagan Administration against porn. Hefner went leftist nuts and to put it plainly, those who were not jacking off to the magazine were not impressed by reading more Dan Rather leftist screed.

Why Hugh Hefner's little boy, can not comprehend that people in the right wing do not have a phobia about naked women, is one more asstard Hefner mistake. Playboy should be running the right wing fringe media, as that is the only demo which is growing. Limbaugh is tanking. FOX in a nation of 300 million can't break 3 million viewers. It is worse for CNN and whatever the left puts on like Alec Baldwin can not even manage a blip.

Playboy used to be trendy and promoted beauty in women. It is now like the New York Post with bad pictures of Melania Trump in it to smear her.

Hugh Hefner needs to fire his snowflake son Cooper as Playboy is not under new management, but mismanagement.

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