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Rhodes Hard and put away Pence

Ben Rhodes

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Ben Rhodes, yes the brother of Tiffany CBS News President, David Rhodes in the asset rich CIA propagandizing Mockingbird group, is a most interesting asset, even when he is not running an operation for "someone" to impeach the President, with the first target, Director Mike Flynn.

So much the interesting Manchurian or should we say Obamachurian or maybe Pencechurian Candidate, that we discover his politics originated in New York City volunteering for Republican Rudy Giuliani, then working for James Baker and Lee Hamilton, and finally minding the brain capacity for Birther Hussein Obama

In the summer of 1997, Rhodes volunteered with the Rudy Giuliani mayoral campaign. In the summer of 2001, he worked on the New York City Council campaign of Diana Reyna.

In 2002, James Gibney, editor of Foreign Policy, introduced Rhodes to Lee Hamilton, former member of the House of Representatives and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, who was looking for a speechwriter. Rhodes then spent five years as a Hamilton assistant, helping to draft the Iraq Study Group Report and the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.
In 2007, Rhodes began working as a speechwriter for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

See in good Ben Rhodes story, you have the bad guy, the good guy, the victim, the tragic story line and the sexy intrigue like some Hamlet story of the tragic Prince over come by the evil of the world as evil machinates behind the scenes boil and bubble toil and trouble.

Flynn Resigns After Push from Pence and Reince Over Russian Ambassador Talks

Once the Post article ran on February 9, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus had begun pushing internally for Flynn's resignation. Priebus had a chief ally in the vice president. Pence was angry with Flynn for having misled him, and Flynn's explanation of a bad memory was not convincing to administration officials.

But why would Reince Priebus and Mike Pence be fixated on Mike Flynn, as much as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Bush family, well the last three are the same grouping, and in this one could interchange Katie Walsh with Ben Rhodes and get the same intelligence asset, let us ponder a little insight from Ben Rhodes to PBS Frontline, as this is about Mike Flynn being spied upon illegally by the Obama regime which started all of this with the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates smear of Director Flynn.

The other thing that Wyden is famous for is the questioning of [Director of National Intelligence] Gen. [James] Clapper and the statement that folks say afterward that Clapper lied to Congress about the millions of documents that were sucked up domestically. What's your take on what was going on there? ...
Well, I think our general view is that it's a difficult balance for any intelligence official to testify in public session. Frankly, I think we were sympathetic to Gen. Clapper's predicament, that he felt like that if he answered the question fully, he could be revealing a classified program.

Whoa there Muchelle Obama, let's stop the cart and review that in Mike Flynn's records were not being illegally collected by Obama's chief CIA pissgate smear artist in James Clapper not only lied to Congress, but we discover THAT ALL OF OUR CONVERSATIONS ARE BEING COLLECTED BY THE NSA.

But then Ben Rhodes is quote adept at lying, as he was the reason image Obama left Ben Rhodes in charge of destroying Mike Pence and President Trump, was all of those criminal revelations, Sec of State John Kerry spoke of which were hidden in the Obama Iran nuke deal.
Considering the Obama regime paid hundreds of millions in dollars in cash bribes to Iran in a jet airlift of cash, one can imagine what Obama and Ben Rhodes have been hiding from Director Mike Flynn, and why the coup against him was completed.

Ben Rhodes and the blob.
It’s hardly any wonder that Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes has a "mind meld" with his boss, the president. According to a David Samuels New York Times Magazine article to be published Sunday and already posted

Of course, Ben Rhodes is busy, attending the Butcher of the Indies funeral in Fidel Castro, another Obama fellow traveler of the dope money laundering trade which backed Obama and others in Bush fam.

Senior White House Aide Ben Rhodes Will Attend Fidel Castro's ...

Senior White House Aide Ben Rhodes Will Attend Fidel Castro's Memorial. .....

But let us not be deviated in this, as this is about the innocent Mike Flynn, and his crusade to expose Ben Rhodes, image Obama and everyone else who were in open treason against America

General Flynn

Benghazi Report: Ben Rhodes Pushed False Video Narrative After Attack

Yes Benghazi was Ben Rhodes' finished product, after a 2 hour meeting on the night Chris Stevens and other Americans were murdered by the terrorists which Birther Hussein had employed to kidnap Ambassador Stevens, so Obama could have the terrorists killed, vanquish the failures of Jimmy Carter in a hostage crisis in Iran, that cost Carter the White House, but Obama planned to use to propel him to a legitimate victory over Mitt Romney.
It did not work out and Obama had to flip 10 million votes again against Romney to steal it as Obama did in John McCain, but that point is mute now as we have the hot trail of Ben Rhodes was the source of the lies given to Susan Rice in which she went before the American People and lied about Benghazi.

For the first time we know that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was briefed by Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, and David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s senior political adviser, which gave her statements the desired political spin:
Susan Rice’s comments on the Sunday talk shows were met with shock and disbelief by State Department employees in Washington. The Senior Libya Desk Officer, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, State Department, wrote: ‘I think Rice was off the reservation on this one.’ The Deputy Director, Office of Press and Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, State Department, responded: ‘Off the reservation on five networks!’ The Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications, Bureau of Near East Affairs, State Department, wrote: ‘WH [White House] very worried about the politics. This was all their doing.’ [pg. 132]
It appears Rhodes is very good at spinning false narratives.

Yes we know a great deal about Ben Rhodes present, but what about his past in the interesting links which found him serving the head Bushmaster of James Baker III in one of the strangest punishments of all time against Bush43 for having deprived the world of Saddam Hussein's billion dollar bribery off of Iraq oil, in it was Ben Rhodes who actually wrote the damning indictment of Bush policy, in the Rhodes white paper, which became the Obama policy doctrine which produced nuclear Iran and every oil rapist's favorite in ISIS, which has caused the invasion of the West by Muslim terrorists.

Samuels notes that Rhodes’ first significant job was serving as the note-taker for the Iraq Study Group, the commission led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton, which excoriated President George W. Bush’s Iraq policy. Hamilton is quoted as saying Rhodes “could come into a meeting and decide what was decided,” calling this “a very important quality for a staffer.”

The James Baker link is extremely important in this, as it was Ben Rhodes how formulated the Baker Hamilton review of Iraq's Occupation, and which became the foundation of the anti Semitic (that includes the Obama slaughter of Muslim Arabs) across the Mideast, because we now witness the incestuous back drama in this in the former Sec. of State Bakers State Department colluding with Hillary Clinton's allies in the leaks with HW, Obama and Clinton intelligence for these smears against President Donald Trump and his staff, all keyed off the Fake News Purveyor Ben Rhodes.

Jew hater James Baker and Mike Pence Sharing Sky Box at Super Bowl

Considering the extremely warm relationship between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it is beyond reproach in what Mike Pence is doing sitting with James Baker at the Super Bowl, and then Mike Pence dragging HW Bush's Jew Hating Secretary of State to the White House on Carbon Tax rapine of Americans the following days and tainting Ivanka Trump and Jared Kurschner by having them attend this meeting.
Vice President Mike Pence is an absolute anti semite disgrace and should resign for his part in coup against Mike Flynn, so Pence could be one day installed as President in the planned impeachment of President Trump.

Baker famously said “F—k the Jews”; Obama officials call Netanyahu “chicken-shit.”

Baker said “F—k the Jews,” the story goes, because Jewish voters favor the Democrats and so what good were they to him. Jews still earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans—though by declining percentages

Nor are Republicans in any rush to adopt Baker’s foreign policy; they’re reacting in horror to its results. So much of what Barack Obama has been up to can be traced to the 2006 report of the Iraq Study Group, which was written by deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes and co-chaired by Baker. 

So we have before us, the conspirators in this most incestuous group of collaborators to hide their crimes and to undo the election of President Donald Trump.

We have the antagonist in Ben Rhodes who mind melds with image Obama who is directing the riots against President Trump in insurrection, and Ben Rhodes who works for Jim Baker of Bush family, who just so happens to be the Carbon Tax buddy of Vice President Mike Pence, who with the assistance of Reince Priebus and Bush gal, Katie Walsh, engineered the coup against Mike Flynn who was exposing the Obama crimes in the Iranian nuclear scandal and putting an end to the James Baker Jew hating and Russian World War IV policy of the elite inner circle.

It is not enough that Reince Priebus be fired by President Trump, because an even worse plotter is in the White House in Katie Walsh for Jeb Bush to be Vice President after President Trump is impeached by this best friend of Paul Ryan group coordinating with Vice President Mike Pence who hangs around with Jew haters like James Baker.

This entire Trump Trans in Pence, Priebus and Walsh have been engaged in the devil's bidding in coordinating with the Bush family against Donald Trump, with the offices of the Obama regime intelligence assets, all working on the same goal to make Mike Pence president.
All three must not only be made to resign, but all three must be indicted with the Ben Rhodes leakers, as the Pence, Priebus and Walsh faction conspired to use the Rhodes smear to make Director Mike Flynn resign.

Those are high crimes against the United States, Her People and Her President. It is time these High Criminals be indicted.

How can President Trump with Jews in his family, with such a close relationship with Israeli State Jews, with Jews in his cabinet, allow a Mike Pence traitor in the company of the blood libel of James Baker, continue on in the office of Vice President.

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