Wednesday, February 8, 2017

So Michelle Obama likes Regular Ears image of Obama

The Obamas are pictured arriving on Branson's private island last month. The couple spent a little more than a week soaking up the sun  

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering how long it was going to be before the images of Obama reappeared on Virgin Island after the Lame Cherry broke the story that there appear to be THREE BARRACKS on Virgin Island.  It sort of makes sense now as at least two have their Obamaborg duties in one is courting the man Michelle Obama and the other does slick rubber boat wrestling with Dick Branson, which about makes me want to puke as few things are more disgusting than rich old white guys and their tan skin lovers catting around.

Obama: I was bullied for my big ears - CBS News

Obama: I was bullied for my big ears. A special Facebook message from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama about how preventing bullying is a ...

Here is the proof of the two Obamas.

First up we have NO EARS OBAMA, in the one having sexual with shemale Muchelle Lurch Obama.

No Ears Obama

Second we have Branson toy BIG EARS OBAMA, I guess Branson likes the ears as handles so Dick can really get a good real girlfriend experience from this Obamaborg.

Big Ears Obama

Once again the proof is in the photos. We have something with a helmet on, looking younger than grey hair Obama, apparently windsurfing and setting the stage of how young image Obama is.........then again if Lurch is progressing this to widowhood, then the adventurous multi ears Birther might get ate by a Great White or fall from the Great Blue Yonder.

Explain how there are three Obamas with different ears, and most of all why do Americans have to pay for man sex partners with gay Lurch and Dick?

Nuff Said