Friday, February 10, 2017

The American Baron

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As a child, I experienced non stop from adults bullying, because my dad was a large man whom they could not intimidate and bully. I was a rambunctious creature, who gave these weak adults great opportunities to exploit their powers over me.
I was simply there and always the easiest venue for this type to vent revenge upon.

I have pondered this some in posting this about Baron Trump, and the drip drip drip of adult liberal lezbos, not being able to deal with his strong father, President Trump, and instead to hurt Mr. Trump, have made snarky to cruel comments about this young man.
In every case, they attack mind and reveal just how unstable they are. In every case, there is only silence from the left or repeating this bullying, when cyber bullying and campus safe spaces were the talking points in the Obama years, because these liberals could not deal with facing they were failures and are wrong.

Making an issue of something when it involves a child is something I would not do, but I am moved in this case, as I have an affinity with this young man in being wrongly picked on as a child, and still am to this day as the popular girl in getting Homeland interviews.

In that Baron Trump, needs to have people noting what an exceptional young man he is. Most of us never deal with having a father with as large of signature in life as Donald Trump, nor a mother who is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Yet, this 10 year old is very well behaved and you can see that he is obedient and loves his parents dearly.
All of the Trump children are exceptional, but Baron is the last son Donald Trump will have, so he is special, in the light that the mistakes parents make while younger, benefit the interaction that Donald Trump will have with Baron.

Master Baron is a kind hearted boy. His playing with his nieces and nephews is endearing. He is secure in the grandchildren clamor for Grandpa, and he is fine being the adult in waiting his turn. It is one thing I marvel over in the nutty children of celebrities in several marriages, in how Donald Trump has kept the peace with three women, and five children of different relationships and parents. Mr. Trump is an extraordinary gentleman and the women in his life are exceptional, as the children are well centered and polite.

The thing that makes me smile about Baron Trump is he is a boy. We see him suffering as all boys do in suit and tie, and can remember what it is like when 5 minutes was 5 hours, and Baron has had a lifetime of that in conventions, speeches and parades, and each time I think of Wally and Beaver Cleaver, dressed in a suit and tie, and pulling at the collar, feeling like they are wearing starch, and walk along thinking about boy things to alleviate the misery.

The bullies are not going to stop, and the 500,000 ugly protesting women are not going to protect this child, so that falls to the American People, in wondering aloud about what the government can engage in, or the courts to protect an innocent young man, who needs protecting from a small group of sadistic females who have problems with strong Caucasian gentlemen, who marry well adjusted women, and produce peaceful families, and these weak females then decide they can abuse the child to get at the father.

From a forensic psychological standpoint, these females are hurt inside by something of their life, and like all stalkers fixate on some powerful individual who they are afraid of, because that man knows who he is, and they do not know who they are. So in the worst form of abuse and terrorism, they having failed in scorning the President, seek to inflict hurt on the President by harming his child.......all to get a reaction out of the President, to give these lezbos a standing of importance like Al Franken attached himself to Rush Limbaugh, so that the President will hurt in the same way these females are hurting.

That is what the 500,000 were marching about in they were upset how unfair life is, that Donald Trump or some other accomplished man, never made a pass at them or tried to marry them. That is what this is all about, and boils down to, in Bill Krystol is upset that he never got to be Donald Trump in women loving him, and Rachel Maddow is furious that Donald Trump was not pining for her.
So the son, an innocent child, is the one who becomes the target.

I recall in 2008, how liberals like Jeremiah Gettle of seed distribution profiteering, could not glom onto the Obama girls enough in noting his daughter was named just like the Obama girl. These same liberals though can not have an affinity with White children nor will they stand up and defend an innocent White child, as they do not want to make him a pet, but a punching bag.
That is why this post is created as a line in the sand, in stating NO MORE of this will be tolerated. Baron Trump will know that there are millions of good people in his corner and recognize his fine qualities of being a good son who is responsible. Baron Trump is the exact son that Benjamin Franklin wrote of in how all children should mould themselves as.

That does not mean that Baron Trump has to be some role model in that nonsense. All Master Trump has to accomplish is being the genuine person he is, and grow into the stable American he is meant to be. He is a remarkable child with his parents, in he will be bilingual as John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, but that does not mean he must be President, but it does mean he can enjoy literature and discussions in other languages and other cultures as another American ambassador of good will.

The Trump children are all unique in they reach from America to Central Europe, a sphere which is going to be the crossroads for a peaceful cooperation with Russia. They have unique insights and understanding in being directly related to the Slavic Peoples, and for the security of the world and building a better America, Baron Trump is someone all of us should be nurturing and assisting, instead of allowing him to be attacked in this base and crude unmannerliness endangering all of us.

If you have problems with President Trump, then debate with better ideas, instead of your failed leftist debauchery which includes picking on children as you have no ideals or ideas.

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