Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Coup Plotters Inside the Trump White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Mockingbird is an interesting intelligence operation on its own in being quite disgustingly unAmerican, in having abandoned all of the fine Nazi morals of the 1950's, for the Obama community organized globalists damning Americans in the current overthrow. It is absolutely interesting though in the coup plotters of the Trump Administration, as the Suboperational Groups in control of the various factions throw up diversions in the Fake News to hide their real minders, and sacrifice apparently the "weak link" in that Greek Reince Priebus.

That part amuses me in Reince Priebus appearing in Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones faction, in their sources stating that Priebus is toast, in his having failed in minding Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell........
Gee I wonder if that part is about, Priebus not getting the transfer of Obamacare funds into the "other oligarchs" seeking their whole pie as Americans die.

I digress.

We now though have a world where the children who are feeding you information for the major players, are playing ketchup, yes I know it is catch up, but that will irk the hell out of some analite and one might as well give something to fixate on, and more importantly give the cool kids some new word to throw around and sound like they thought it up.
Any way, ketchup it is, and now everyone is trying to find out information on what a Cassius Mike  Pence is and what a Brutus that Katie Walsh is, of course in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

They forget though that the Lame Cherry knows all and all they know is what the Lame Cherry exclusively provides in matter anti matter exclusives.........exclusives that would be easy to fund if Rush Limbaugh was just made to pay that 11 million plus interest which he owes me for plagiarism.

I digress.

We now though move to episode three.

Episode 1: Mike Pence is sabotaging President Trump
Episode 2: Katie Walsh is sabotaging President Trump.

We could have run an episode of Reince Priebus having daggers pulled out of his back, but no one honestly cares, and this is not the Sarah Connor Chronicles in trying to be cancelled in running that wacko mother in her episodes instead of Summer Glau, but no one cares sadly about Reince Priebus. He is like that sad corpse coming out of that Italian city covered in Pompey ash, as the crowds just filed by running for their lives.

Ok enough of this overload to weed out the brilliant minds who think they know everything and are being frustrated again in having to put up with the nattering here, but hey I put up with rich people not donating or donating crumbs, so it seems fair that the cherry words should cleanse their minds and make their thoughts ache as they know how fake they are.

Ok, so you know Mike Pence and Katie Walsh. You really think they are the Einstein of this coup? Of course not, but you do not know who is pulling what out of who's hat, so let us just point a few things out, which will be stolen again and all the geniuses will pretend how intelligent they are in a few days in not getting this.

So who does Mike Pence work for? You know it is Big Koch and oligarchs like Steve Forbes. You have to understand though that Pence is the Indiana Mafia of Big Koch. Reince Priebus is the Wisconsin Mafia of Big Koch. In the peckerwood order, you will discover that the Indiana Mafia is much more important to Big Koch, than Wisconsin.
Pence got a huge swathe of Trump Trans, charmed Ivanka and the Jew Mafia into thinking that Pence was serving Dad Don, and with that the lines began forming and melding, as Pence accepted the soul price in meeting with Bushman, James Baker at the Super Bowl in order for the HW Bush faction to introduce "carbon tax" to the Trump agenda on EPA regulations........ok let us just say what this is, this is Obama extorting a fortune from US companies, and it is just Bush fam doing their own bigger cut. Same family business, in Obama and HW are a great deal closer like the Clintons and Bush fam are.

We review now so this gets learned in your brains.

Mike Pence: Big Koch oligarchs Indiana, melding with Bush fam.
Reince Priebus: Big Koch Wisconsin, becoming road kill.

Now we come to Katie Walsh.

Katie Walsh seems to have arrived at George Washington University, a place the CIA likes running, and somehow rocketed to the top in Missouri political structures, in connecting to John Ashcroft, who was the Bush43 bonafides Conservative, that W was the real deal.
Ashcroft is a Bushman, and started Ashcroft Group after leaving as Attorney General, which immediately
started selling access to the government..........think of it in the Obama years as the clearing house for major NSA fed intelligence operations for espionage feeding contracts to Homeland Security.
Oracle being one of the major magic 30 intelligence companies in this.........Nazi or National Socialist organized community of regime cash out flow and contracts to conglomerates who feed each other, and their loyal employees.

  • We don't just consult. We lead build and invent

  • The Ashcroft Group, LLC specializes in strategic consulting for corporations worldwide in the areas of Homeland Security, Corporate Governance, Litigation Strategy, Crisis Management, Regulatory Advice and Entrepreneurial Ventures. To service our clients and their often complex needs, the Ashcroft Law Firm is equipped to offer seamless legal services alongside our team’s consulting division.


1399 NEW YORK AVE NW # 950
Washington, District Of Columbia 20005
(202) 942-0202

That last part is something which should be understood, as there were three people at Ashcroft, and as Ashcroft was the influence name, the 3rd name operator on the list was Katie Walsh. Pretty outstanding job in the intelligence pedaling field.

So you understand the framework in this, as Katie Walsh is top rung in intelligence lobbying. She moves up in 2008 in a most interesting position in signing onto the Conservative Fred Thompson Presidential campaign, which was about to sweep the droll John McCain from the 2008 field.
You remember how toast John McCain was in not having any support, and how Mitt Romney went on a search and destroy for John McCain against Fred Thompson who was sabotaged.....and who was rewarded by the McCain campaign with the Missouri region part of McCain finance.........but Katie Walsh.
But alas John McCain was sabotaged by Bush advisers and so was Sarah Palin, as their success would have gotten in the way of Jeb Bush remember him right?


So into this, there was Mitt Romney who was a straw man as the Lame Cherry stated, as this was all about Jeb 2016, and in a coup by Reince Priebus, Michael Steel was overthrown as the first black RNC head, and Reince Priebus appears for Big Koch Wisconsin, and who should he choose as his chief of staff, but Katie Walsh, a mere child.

The mere child though was most impressive in somehow gaining the name of Rainmaker, as she raised like 200 million dollars for the money though for Donald Trump.

See what Priebus had assembled was a Rovian "con the voters for victory" drive, which centered on Christians and other groups. A sort of HW Bush, "Trust me Christians but shut up and go away" outcome. All of us witnessed this after the election, as the God given victory to Donald Trump had Priebus and Trump Trans slam the door shut on all Christians and Trump loyalists, as none of the #NeverTrumpers believed Donald Trump would win.
Oh it should be mentioned that Katie Walsh sabotaged Donald Trump financially in drying up donors, not providing money for the Trump campaign, bitch slapping Jared Kurschner over being called out about this, being vocally against Donald Trump and the crowning moment of Walsh bawling on election eve for Hillary Clinton in Clinton losing.

If it requires stating, Katie Walsh was with the Neocons engaged in ruining Donald Trump, the entire American voting base, so Jeb Bush would be nominated to say "I told you so and be a candidate again."

So it probably should be obvious that Katie Walsh is an Ashcroft Ass., which is simply an intelligence coordinated computer grid and cash flow influence operation, as the quasi shadow government arm of Bush fam. You do remember Hillary Clinton's little server situation in creating her own system...........well Bush fam is plugged into their own great Suboperational Group of intelligence operations.

Does it make sense why the CIA which was having operations run through it against Donald Trump has a particular focus now on removing Mike Flynn in knowing EXACTLY what Mr. Flynn stated in private phone conversations in leaking the content? That is illegal and no one says anything of this, because this is the coup against President Trump, and what is being sorted out is the second phase of Trump Trans, in those who wedged themselves into positions, while assisting in barring Christians from the Cabinet and Counsel, are now being targeted.

That is the leverage in this to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. On one side is Mike Pence in the Big Koch oligarchs and on the other is Katie Walsh for the Bush fam. As noted when Jim Baker placed his trophy of Mike Pence on the Super Bowl Sky Box wall for all the world to see, it was a signal that the competing factions are uniting to destroy the President in the same anti American, pro Islam, anti Christian, pro invader, pro 1%.......put it this way, the forces who tried to destroy Donald Trump and are against everything Americans who voted for the Trump agenda are for.
You simply are looking at the American Genocide faction, which has more in common with Obama's 3rd term and is as supportive of the Obama criminal insurrection as it assists them in weakening President Trump.

As an additional alert in this, if you have not noticed, the Mockingbird has gone full bore in American Civil War propaganda stoking this from right wing sources who you trust. This is what the cartel has been plotting for some time, and they are using the American Populist Nationalism of President Trump to be blamed for it, to bring it to ruin. Yes there are protocols in place to criminally prosecute the people supporting President Trump, once the impeachment has manifested.

So it should occur to your understanding now that in all of this rejection of Jeb Bush and everything the Bush fam stands for, is the reality that Big Koch is established in the Trump Administration and that the same Bush fam who turned over the ethanol monopoly to Big Koch, has now joined with placing their apparent foremost agent in Katie Walsh in position as Kellyanne Conway is removed and as Reince Priebus is sacked, leaving the Jeb Bush agents in the controlling positions of this White House.

Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz, as this was Big Koch gaining influence of this oligarch faction against candidate Trump and now the entire swath of everything America has rejected has in this Machiavellian Machination about to perform the perfect coup, just as HW Bush and the Rockefellers performed a like coup on President Ronald Reagan, and almost got Mr. Reagan impeached.