Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Ghost of LaVoy Finicum


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has about has much pull with the Trump Administration as a no fingered milkmaid on three titted cow, but pleading for the cause of Truth, Justice and the American Way is what I am moved to, plea for President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put an end to the nauseating disgrace of what is destroying Americans in the West like a pancreatic cancer.

Most of us still remember the murder of LaVoy Finicum where the Obama regime's corrupt FBI under the criminal management of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, involved an FBI cover up, of a kill zone set up to murder Mr. Finicum and leave the Oregon State Police holding the bag for the crime, as entire vindictive Loretta Lynch and James Comey led sweep started arresting everything in the West that sounded like a Bundy.

If you recall, the Lame Cherry stated that what Justice should have done was to charge these Americans with criminal trespass and send them home, as that is all they were every "guilty" of. And yet, I am sickened to my stomach to puking when I think of LaVoy Finicum left to bleed out in the snow, by what still appears to be a Delta Force deployment which engaged in the shooting. Add the persecution of over a dozen Americans kept imprisoned for a year, facing over 100 years in prison in more Justice Department police state intimidation as these people are financially ruined, and criminalized for peacefully assembling, it is a reality that the Obama state of repression must be stopped by the Trump Administration and these Americans do not fall through the cracks of the do nothing Paul Ryan Congress and the get Iran policy.

The sickening part in this is after Americans murdered and lives destroyed, is that Justice is now intimidated enough, after the Jury in Oregon found the Bundy's NOT GUILTY, is that US Attorneys and Judges have been dropping ALL CHARGES and fining these Americans for trespassing, exactly as the Lame Cherry stated.

The following deals with the four Americans who stayed at the Refuge, and you will recall the police state had driven one of them to almost suicide, and all of it is this damned waste of life and resources,  just like in Iraq.

“I plead guilty,” said defendant Dylan Anderson, 36, of Provo, Utah.

After pleading, U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown immediately sentenced Anderson to one year of probation, $1,000 restitution and prohibited him from unlawful camping on federal lands or visiting the Malheur Refuge near Burns, anytime during the next year.
Sean and Sandy Anderson, who are married and were among the final four occupiers at the refuge are also entered guilty pleas to the same misdemeanor charges Monday afternoon. Defendant Darryl Thorn was also scheduled to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, but his hearing was cancelled.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Gabriel said the government had evidence that Anderson was at the refuge “at a time it was not open to the public.”
“We move to dismiss all remaining charges against Mr. Anderson,” Gabriel said.
“All the other charges are dismissed,” Brown replied.

In a second situation, seven other Americans are in the process of having their charges all dropped from trespassing too. This has cost Americans a fortune and it could have all been accomplished in 1 hour with 1 ticket, instead of 1 year and 1 more mountain of distrust in Americans against the Federal Government.

In this second trial, prosecutors also added misdemeanor charges, such as trespassing and destruction of property.
But a person familiar with the case tells OPB the four defendants are expected to plead guilty to trespassing, a misdemeanor charge. All other charges, including the felonies, will be dropped.

If the four plead guilty that will leave just three defendants at this month trial: Jason Patrick, Duane Ehmer, and Jake Ryan.
The charges stem from the 41-day long occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon’s high desert

In the most damning of all of this has been the vendetta against the Bundy's and other Americans at the first stand off in Nevada, where the BLM was illegally stealing the Bundy cattle and beating up the Bundy's.

There is now the reality that the Clark County Sheriff actually in HIS COUNTY, negotiated a stand down in which the Patriots would remove themselves and the BLM would stop rustling the Bundy's cattle.

This is damning point, in the Patriots agreed to a contract of their safety from being charged and the Obama regime broke that in rounding up the Patriots like livestock to be persecuted later..

Las Vegas police stood by without interfering, after then-Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie negotiated a stand-down that was to have had the federal agents release the cows and abandon the cattle roundup.
Through a spokeswoman, U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden and the four prosecutors handling the case declined this week to comment about the evidence or the trial, which is expected to take several weeks.

And into this we discover, just like in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the lead BLM terrorist in the Bundy situation, is a criminal himself and was breaking the law when assaulting the Patriots in Nevada.

It said the Salt Lake City-based land management supervisory agent who headed the Bundy cattle roundup misused his position during the 2015 Burning Man festival in northern Nevada, and manipulated a hiring process so a friend could get a bureau job.

It is in this that the Lame Cherry pleads for Attorney General Jeff Sessions end this. Mr. Sessions, just set these Patriots down and have them give you their word that they will behave, and they will behave as they will keep their word.

In this, the Justice Department of Jeff Sessions and the Interior Department of Ryan Zinke, both neutralize this situation in Justice drops all charges, revisits those incarcerated by a Federal Review and set these Americans free, with the Justice Department's word no one is going to be terrorized by the American Government ever again, and that by Interior, Americans are not going to have  their lands seized or bullied, with the addition that EVERY person in Interior be disarmed immediately. If there are law enforcement issues, that is what the FBI and US Marshals are for.

In the last of this, the Lame Cherry asks that President Donald Trump order Direct James Comey to apologize to these Americans, and personally meet with the LaVoy Finicum family,  apologize and issue a 100 million dollar settlement check in which 95 million is awarded to the Finicum survivors, and the other 5 million divided up as a settlement to the Americans who have been terrorized by the Obama police state for the past year.

The Trump Administration does this and it regains the trust of the Westerners. It removes these bad actors who carried out this anti American vendetta, and taking America back actually has actions behind it, and not more words.

The Ghost of LaVoy Finicum deserves to rest in peace. Americans deserve peace and not be listening at their doors wondering if it is Homeland again knocking, ready to revisit some Obama Clinton assault as those files have not been cleared up, and numbers of Americans are still on Watch Lists and their own criminal act was being Americans.

The Trump Administration must make time for Americans, if Vice President Mike Pence can be jetting his ass to Houston for the Super Bowl to sit in a sky box with James Baker III, as Stand Down Ted Cruz is doing nothing in the Senate. It is time for all of these people who are rich and powerful off of American voters, to stand up for Americans.