Friday, February 3, 2017

The Obama 5th Column engaged in Treason against the United States Government

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before the election of President Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry clearly warned the Trump campaign to prepare for taking over 2 areas or the Trump Administration would be destroyed. The Lame Cherry warned of Trump Trans being a huge problem. The Lame Cherry warned of the INSIDERS cutting off the Christians who God worked through to secure the Presidency for Mr. Trump, and the Lame Cherry stated that TWO AREAS had to be dealt with immediately.

Area 1: The securing of the intelligence backed Mockingbird which funds the fake news and funnels money to the conglomerates who own the monopoly media, in order to stop the attacks on President Trump and the sedition by riot.

Area 2: The removal of all leftist employees in the federal government.

President Trump now has additional problems in his subterfuge group of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley lying about Russia in her first UN speech, and the Pentagon perpetuating a mass invasion of Europe to begin a war with Russia.
Mr. President, perhaps when the CIA political minders were lying to you, perhaps there are those in the DIA who are posturing to you, and lying to you also, for their military industrial oligarch war for profit in looting Russia.

The former Obama regime has literally now created a STALKING GOVERNMENT in the shadows, not serving the President, not serving America, but acting illegally in spying on President Trump and his Cabinet, by getting burner phones, using  encrypted data to keep the NSA from surveillance and forming "working groups" to coordinate these efforts.

This is espionage Mr. President and these are criminal acts. Seriously Mr. President, you must fire these criminals and prosecute them as President Reagan did the aircraft controllers or you are going to have impeachment and war in the streets.

One EPA employee even got a new, more secure cellphone, and another joked about getting a “burner phone.”
“I have no idea where this is going to go. I think we’re all just taking it one day at a time and respond in a way that seems appropriate and right,” said one of the EPA employees involved in the clandestine effort, who, like others quoted in this story, was granted anonymity to talk about the sensitive discussions.
The employee added that the goal is to “create a network across the agency” of people who will raise red flags if Trump’s appointees do anything unlawful.

Simple Executive Order Mr. President.

Be it known, that no employee or contractor of the Federal Government, in any association may possess encryption programs, not part of the Federal Government, may not possess burner phones, may not gather intelligence on anyone, unless directed and employed by a law enforcement agency, may not possess Government data on personal devices, nor remove any data from any office, receive data in surveillance of anyone, nor have contact with the media, civilians or politicians in non Congressional hearings, or those individuals or groups will be tried for espionage with full prosecution by the United States Justice Department.

If these career liberals who have destroyed America, do not like working for President Trump, then they can quit their jobs, but they have absolutely no right to spy on President Trump or his Cabinet. That is destructive to Government and it is a criminal act.

Those involved in this in the Politico story must have their employment terminated immediately and appear before a Grand Jury for indictment.

This is the Obama 5th Column engaged in treason against the United States Government

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