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The unauthorized autobiography of John McCain

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The unauthorized autobiography of John McCain is one which reveals a historic psychopathy of a man who did not belong in the military, United States Senate or even in a marriage, but is instead that of a psychopath. Whether it was attempting to ruin President George W. Bush, succeeding in usurping Barack Obama of foreign policy or the last gasp of John McCain in the fake news against President Donald Trump, the pattern is clear. John McCain is a man with psychological, sociological and emotional psychosis.

The central theme of John McCain can best be described in his military career on the USS Forrestal, where his idea of "fun" cost 134 Sailors their lives and burned 161 Sailors while John McCain walked away unharmed.

The reality of the fighter pilot is numbers are men of superior ability and inferior emotional stability. The problem with John McCain is he was a troubled soul of inferior pilot ability matching his inferior emotional stability.
It is a fact that the greatest War Hero of the Vietnam War, for the North Vietnamese is John McCain. John McCain killed more Americans in Vietnam than any 100 North Vietnamese or Vietcong. John McCain single handedly almost sank a United States Aircraft carrier. John McCain turned out 20 anti American recordings, surpassing even Hanoi Jane Fonda. John McCain did more for the North Vietnamese war effort than the Soviet Union and Chinese communists combined.

The historical facts are that John  McCain was a fighter ace against the American air forces. McCain in his flying history destroyed 5 American aircraft, which is of interest in he was inside and flying every aircraft. He was a Cold War Soviet ace.

The examination in the unauthorized autobiography of John McCain centers on his deployment aboard the USS Forrestal where over 300 Americans were murdered and assaulted.
In examination of this event, there are numerous versions, even from John McCain himself, which points to a direct cover up, and in all of this is a glaring piece of evidence that one of the first people evacuated by helicopter off the Forrestal was Lt. Commander John McCain, and he had no injuries justifying this, considering the emergency condition of other Sailors.
It was said the Forrestal's crew wanted blood over the deaths and injuries and John McCain was the reason as his pyschotic nature had caused this disaster.

There are two versions were McCain was, but both center on McCain was in the cockpit of his fighter bomber, an A 4 Skyhawk. One version has him on the catapult awaiting launch, and the other does not. What appears in the reality though is that John McCain was starting his jet engine and this is where the disaster begins.

John McCain's nickname on his next assignment was Gregory Green Ass, due to his lack of flying combat missions, and inferior pilots with inferior ability, had a tendency to start their jet engines in a "wet start".
A wet start was simply pooling jet fuel in the engine and then igniting it, which produced the effect of a massive flame thrower. Consider this in the chaos of a flight deck with unprotected crews, multi million dollar aircraft, a billion dollar carrier and live bombs strapped to all the aircraft, and one can understand a wet start with the jet nozzle facing outbound, off the carrier, as a pilot of little ability would do.

The truth is always somewhere in between as most of the eye witnesses died, and the reports had it that John McCain was attempting to "wake up the pilot" or in more "right stuff" jargon, John McCain was pissing on another pilot like a dog in pack pecking order, because John McCain was a bully in order to make up for his dismal abilities.
John McCain destroyed 5 American aircraft in his career. He never was top gun or right stuff. He never was as the fake news presented him as a fighter pilot. No, John McCain was a delivery boy. He was placed on a light fighter bomber in the A 4, and was not allowed near the new F 4 Phantom's which flew cap or cover as that is where the top guns flew in the fighter pilots.

In the truth is in between, John McCain was witnessed wet starting his jet engines, and had a history of it. He started his flamethrower that day.

USS Rupertus;025916.jpg

On the Forestall, they were arming for a second combat mission of the day, so the scene would be hectic. Bombs would be on the deck, fuel, safeties on the bombs would be left off, as crews were under mandate to get the flights in the air at the proper time.

Across the deck from McCain was the group of Top Gun F 4's. One of these jets had a missile on it called a Zuni, which was not safety locked on. The Navy investigation made numerous mistakes, because a cover up was taking place, as John McCain's father was an Admiral, and anything that looked like McCain was  involved, would be pure Soviet propaganda, especially since the Jewish military had just attacked the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea to cover up what the IDF was engaged in, in starting a war.

So picture yourself on deck. The crew is tired, overworked as always, the pilots are in their planes. The jets are being armed and fueled. Mistakes always are made and the American missiles of the period were undependable and like all things, when a trigger is pulled a bomb goes off.
The Navy states a power surge on an F 4 caused a Zuni to "ignite" and launch. We do not know in this cover up various stories, but place yourself on the flight deck, and the following events take place in unison.

A hotdog like John McCain wet fires his engine. You are readying another A 4 Skyhawk in line and mutter to yourself about the son of a bitch as you go back to work, and the next thing you hear as you look up is a missile has struck the group of planes McCain is in, ruptures fuel tanks and the terror of fire starts on deck.
You know you got bombs, you know fuel is all over the place. You know as people are screaming for fire suppression units and alarms are going off, that you see John McCain out of his cockpit and sliding down the nose of his jet and escaping, as the fire is really spreading.

McCain is on deck, in the way, as bombs begin going off, but the fire suppression units have to stay on station and are being killed and roasted.

McCain goes below deck to "help" with throwing bombs overboard, so they do not detonate.

You think that is odd for a jock pilot to do that as that is not his job.

You hear later that John McCain was "injured"  when a 1000 pound bomb went off on deck and then someone else says, "If McCain was injured then how was he tossing bombs over the side later?"
Someone else says, "Well why in the hell did he get air lifted off to another aircraft carrier if he was not hurt?"
Someone else says, "Why in the hell didn't he get a Purple Heart if he was injured?"

One begins now to understand that things are not adding up with John McCain as usual. Whether or not John McCain caused the missile launch, McCain apparently had a history of distracting people, including wet firing his engines to wake up other pilots in bullying them.

For Sailors on deck having their lives put in danger, watching their comrades burned and blown up, it begins to gell in their assessment that things point to John McCain had a hand in that destruction.

Pranks are funny to those who pull them, but another matter when you have crews mounting bombs on deck, as John McCain is creating a flame thrower on the other side distracting them so that a major accident takes place.

We know for certain in the McCain unauthorized autobiography that John McCain did not measure up. He was an inferior pilot who was not going to be promoted.  After being evacuated off the Forrestal, he got a publicity desk job in South Vietnam, but kept pushing to get back into combat. Combat was the only way John McCain was ever going to make Admiral like his father and grandfather.

That brought McCain to another carrier, where he pushed his commander to allow him on a bombing run to Hanoi in North Vietnam, at which point McCain violated bombing protocols, dove too low on target, stated he was too afraid to come in for another run, and being low at 3500 feet, the NVA shot him down with anti aircraft fire from the ground. McCain lied about that, as camera footage proved it was ground fire and not a SAM. The reason McCain lied was to hide that he got himself shot down.

McCain panicked in the next moments in not having the ability or taking the time in training to stabilize his A 4, and when the charge was detonated to eject him, it broke both his arms and his leg.
Whereupon McCain was rescued by a North Vietnamese and protected from a mob, and John McCain  sold out his country in propaganda videos for the communist enemies.

There is something hidden and disturbing in John McCain stationed on the carrier Oriskany, and that is that carrier had the highest casualty rate in the Vietnam theater. Sons of Admirals do not end up on death ships, so that indicates John McCain was looking to suicide as his death by glory over Hanoi points to, or his father and the US Navy felt it was time to end the disaster of John McCain in death, as 5 jets and 1 US carrier destroyed is something the US Navy would not be accepting of.

John McCain was a traitor to his family by his misconduct, a traitor to the US Navy in not being an officer or gentleman and a traitor to America in aiding the enemy which caused even more severe torture of American POW's.

Being a loud mouth bully in most instances does not have consequences beyond others wanting you dead. Some days though events tally up and the actions of a bully get others killed as the bully slips away because of connections.

There are numerous holes in the John McCain story, especially in "one Purple Heart" when at least twice he was supposedly injured on the Forrestal and being captured at Hanoi.

The Truth is always somewhere in between, and with John McCain there are hosts of lies lying in between and on both sides. This is a danger to America, because John McCain has always been a psychotic with a chip on his shoulder, who was a danger to the US Navy in multiple plane crashes, and it appears the Forrestal was an event which John McCain is still punishing the world for in his not taking responsibility, as the failed presidential candidate McCain has been antagonizing sitting Presidents and criminally involving himself with Nazi's and terrorists in Ukraine and Syria, which is setting the stage for a nuclear war with Russia.

The real John McCain whatever it is, is a reality who never belonged in a combat aircraft nor the US Senate. The world has not been a better place because of John McCain and it certainly is not a safer place now with his fake news against President Trump.

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John McCain rescued from Himself

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