Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Yorkroid Evolution

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Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 People Fight In City Island Restaurant

Logically, one would deduce in the law of averages if one assembled 40 riotous drunken humans in a confined space, where chairs were being thrown, and a mob fight took place, that the odds are someone would have been knocked unconscious or killed.
Or at least an injury of incapacitation or broken bones that the unfortunate or unintelligent, would require EMT's to treat their condition.

Yet in 40 American Afriods fighting, no injury at all was inflicted in the above altercation, and apparently in two other altercations, no injuries were inflicted either.

It is obvious now that the American line breeding program of the African Negroid for a large slave class of workers who now inhabit professional athletics and not cotton fields, and crossbred with Caucasians in the creation of the American Afroid, has now like varieties of corn or flocks of chickens have produced  now divergent and distinct subspecies.

It is most interesting to compare these species of Afriods in for example the Yorkoids to the Chicoids. The Afroids of New York can gather on three occasions in what would be 100 plus violent Afroids and in gang violence not injure each other. By contrast the Chicoid of Chicago, those Afroids not in confined quarters, but the streets have bagged over 4000 of each other to the morgue in a remarkable exchange, which proves that the Chicago Afroid is superior to the New York Afroid in coup de grace, or intent to go for the kill.

Granted the Chicoid are not armed with chairs, but then again the Yorkoid are and absolutely inflict no damage on their victims.

As both Chicago and New York are gun control zones, that can not be a factor in this. In this though we know that the bar brawl in New York featured fried seafood. Perhaps there is something which causes the eating of French fried seafood to manifest non lethal psychology. No evidence is though in this if Chicago does not provide fried shrimp for their natives, which is why they are more aggressive.
The eating of seafood though is a factor in Japanese ancestry, but the Cantonese ate the same diet, and were not as aggressive as the Japanese.

The Asian perhaps are not affected by diet, and it points to something of genetics, in the Chicoid are more aggressive and successful, while the Yorkoid are not. In examination of Michelle Obama, she certainly is not hosing down the ho's and bro's with guns being of Chicago, so the aggression is not widespread in the genetics, as apparently the pacifist Yorkoids are widespread in their inability of injury to each other.

On the primate scale, it appears the Yorkoid are more akin to the Indian monkey in doing a great deal of screaming but no injuries are inflicted, while the Chicoid are more of the orangutan in harming each other in territorial fight.

It appears that certain species of the Afroid in America are more aggressive in distinct localities, such as Coloids of DC, the Baltoids of Baltimore and Angoids of Los Angeles.
For the safety of the American Afroid, it would be best if the government could transplant Yorkoids to these various aggressive communities to create Barack Obama mom jean types, as protected species from the more aggressive local species, and in Planned Parenthood sterilize these aggressive blacks and utilize the welfare program to promote breeding.
It is suggested when both Obama adoptive daughters become of legal adult age, that they be sent to their nativity to become breeders, in producing perhaps 18 peaceful Afroid children to populate Chicago with an Afroid like the Yorkoid, whereby no harm will occur in Chicago gang wars again.

This should be the national breeding project of the promotion of the Yorkoid subspecies so the American Afroid does not become extinct in the Obama Negroid Genocide of Blacks in America, whereby the Afroid must also be a protected species from the more violent Muslim and more aggressive breeding Mexican.

This concludes this anthropological study of the subspecies of the American Afroid.