Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wayne LaPierre, Obama's million dollar a year gun Grabber


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is one of the more disgusting things as of late in this little gem about the Obama Gun Profit sponsors, in the fraud Wayne LaPierre.

Recently headlines emerged that the NRA’s vice president and chief executive officer Wayne LaPierre was paid close to $5 million in 2015, a dollar amount that seems to undermine the grassroots nature of the gun rights group. But headlines can be misleading.
According to the Washington Post LaPierre earned just over $1 million in 2015. The other amount was a retirement payout for over 30 years of employment with the NRA.
“The NRA is transparent in its finances and in its reporting of the required Form 990,” said NRA President Allan Cors. “This is an employee funded deferred compensation plan and the $3.7 million distribution to Wayne LaPierre was required by federal law and properly reported.”

Yes, the NRA badgers Americans non stop for their money, and here is LaPierre being paid a million dollars a year. The NRA excuse is that LaPierre is really cheap as others earn so much more in working for Obama gun profits or things Obama.

The NRA stopped being American when Harlon Carter stepped down with Ronald Reagan, and this fraud Wayne LaPierre was implanted as an intelligence minder voting in Harry Reid and all these other traitors. I figure that Wayne LaPierre must have bled around 30 million dollars from the NRA, that would be the NRA donors.
But it is nice that LaPierre in leaving is gouging 4 million bucks more from Americans, as he has done such a swell job in........

Stopping Obama gun bans.......oh that's right that is LaPierre

Stopping Bush spikes in license fees......oh that's right that is LaPierre too.

Come to think of the facts in this, in the time of Wayne LaPierre, Americans have lost more gun rights than ever before in history, as that is exactly what Wayne LaPierre was installed for.

Enjoy people and celebrate, as in 1776 the British paid Benedict Arnold, in 2016, Americans pay for their traitors in millions of dollars.

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