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Americans do appreciate the New York Times, in their criminal and treasonous smears of Director Mike Flynn, because in creating this propaganda, the Times posted this:

Obama officials asked the FBI if a quid pro quo had been discussed on the call, and the answer came back no, according to one of the officials, who like others asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. The topic of sanctions came up, they were told, but there was no deal.

Do you now appreciate the New York Times? They have just confirmed that not only the Editor but reporter engaged in the criminal act of receiving classified information, as discussed by SEVERAL BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA OFFICIALS IN THE EXECUTIVE.

We know for certain one of the Obama political officers or Zampolit, was acting Attorney General Sally Yates was involved in this, because these Obama officials who are the Times criminal sources, required cover to set up President Donald Trump with this crisis to incriminate the President, in forming this in the ridiculous finding that the Russians could blackmail Mike Flynn.

When Sally Yates unleashed the FBI in politicizing it, then it was those Obama officials in the FBI National Security Branch, who deal with a wide array of issues. It would appear it was this branch which sent some very well trained Homeland agents to waste their day in interviewing a popular girl.

This from the National Review and GOPliter Andrew McCarthey.

Turns out the FBI’s house has a whole other wing, separate and apart from its criminal-investigation division. Back in pre-9/11 days, this side of the house was called the foreign counter-intelligence division. Now, it is the national-security branch.

The National Review which is CIA sourced goes on to report that all of this is a criminal act in what the Times and these Obama officials were engaged in, and that by revealing what measures were employed the Obama Political Officers have revealed US security measures and the Russians have now created counter measures.

Asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. That’s a good one. Let me translate: The officials don’t want you to know who they are because they are corrupt — (a) FISA intercepts are classified, so disclosing them to the press is a crime; (b) by revealing the Flynn–Kislyak conversation to the press, the “officials” inform the Russians that whatever countermeasures they are taking against U.S. surveillance have failed, assuring that the Russians will alter their tactics, making the job of our honorable intelligence agents more difficult; and (c) the FBI’s investigative powers are not supposed to be put in in the service of a political party’s effort to advance a partisan storyline, like “Putin hacked the election.”

There is a hint in this as we know the CIA was dirty as hell in the Obama minders there at the top as much as the minders at State that Secretary Rex Tillerson fired this past week, that the remaining CIA loyalists are displeased at who it was in the remaining Obama regime who engaged in this criminal activity, as it harms all federal agents ability to do their jobs.
That points to that while Director Clapper was smearing President Trump, it was not CIA career officers, and it is why this National Review report is of interest in the CIA is exposing exactly who the Obama regime operative group was, and that the FBI National Security Branch went political, and violated protocols in interrogating Director Mike Flynn.

We know from media reports that Ben Rhodes is being thrown as chum in the water as the antagonist who ran this smear against Mike Flynn out of the White House, which was coordinated with Sally Yates as acting AG. There are those inside who are trying to save themselves and those who are fed up with the violation of the law, and are indicating in their own legitimate leaks, who are behind this coup against Mike Flynn with full intention to impeach President Trump.

So in the end if Justice is accomplished, Americans should expect what appears to be at least six Obama political officers who will be indicted on felonies. Depending on what type of over reach the FBI engaged in, in interrogating Mike Flynn, those agents careers are finished in they will be flagged. There is a high probability their superior will be indicted as part of this conspiracy.

That superior is someone who remembers the Hillary Clinton crimes non investigation in Andrew McCabe, whose wife was receiving money from Clinton operatives for his wife's political future.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's involvement in the Hillary Clinton investigation is being questioned by the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight committee.
"News accounts have raised questions about a potential conflict of interest related to donations from the political action committee of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime fundraiser for the Clintons, to the state Senate campaign of your wife, Dr. Jill McCabe," Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, wrote Thursday to McCabe.

The fact of this is Director James Comey was mismanaging the FBI and running a dirty agency. What the National Review is pointing to is Obama political appointees, used corrupt Justice Department officials in Sally Yates to smear Mike Flynn and then in Andrew McCabe misused the FBI to attempt to intimidate Mike Flynn, with full intention of incriminating President Trump.

This is a conspiracy, and it has misused classified information and leaked it. Those are all accomplices or principles and all are felonies.

This is very serious, because what these conspirators were engaged in could very well have started or still may start nuclear war with Russia.

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