Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Secret Servcing A Presidential Danger

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I was listening to former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, concerning the matter of Jonathan Tran, who leaped over the White House fence and was only captured outside the front door.

Dan Bongino - The Renegade Republican

Dan Bongino - Making the world a better place by debunking one liberal myth at a time. Former Secret Service Agent, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review and ...

What the inside information is in this, is that Tran was on the fence and celebrated there for sometime. He then was on the White House grounds for 20 minutes wandering around, and setting off several alarms.
There is also the troubling fact that Tran was seen by two uniformed officers, and they both ignored him.

Obviously something is wrong.

Mr. Bongino, states that the young agents are not the problem, in they are eager to do their jobs. I would ask the question if these are the young agents who were taking selfies of Donald Trump III while he slept and then terrified the child when he woke up, as being a problem or not part of the problem.

I did an inquiry into this as I had been concerned over what was occurring with the electronic security, as there is not any way this Tran should have been able to gain that spiked fence by the US Treasury, and then cross the distance without being closed on.

Mr. Bongino, states the problem with the Secret Service are the 35 year political minders of the upper management. One must understand that when SS was at Treasury, it was the prominent agency in that Department, but since it was placed at DHS, the Department of Homeland Security, it is just a bunch of suits riding around in style, while the other departments with numbers of agents get the new toys to shoot.

While the electronic alarms do break or go down, that was not the case this time. What the matrix was pointing to is intrigue instead. What took place with Tran was more in the line of agents not liking other agents, agents not in the electronics section who should have been there, an agent napping.
There is friction among the uniformed and non uniformed officers. What the matrix was pointing to, was this event was allowed to happen and develop to make a point and to get people fired.

The reality is, this is an agency which is in need of more than staging theatrical productions every few years to form their own coup and get the equipment they require to keep the President and his family safe.

The remedy for this is to remove the Secret Service to the Treasury again, but place it directly under the President as a Praetorian Guard assembled by the US Military Police from the Pentagon. It is a guarantee that putting this into the Pentagon and the Secret Service is going to get Stealth Bombers if they want them.
Directly over the Secret Service will be the Internal Affairs with direct access to the President, so that requisitions are immediate. The end result is that with two Cabinet departments the Secret Service will gain all the support it deserves, and with IA directly answering to the President, there is not going to be any more selfies with a Trump child, or any more midnight theater by various agent groups trying to make a point.

White House Fence Jumper Jonathan Tran Freed Under Court ...

The Secret Service said in a charging affidavit that surveillance video recorded Tran jumping a fence near the Treasury Building next to the White House security ...

The greatest part of being America is the right to be STUPID. Americans can watch realty TV and pretend they have talent, they can watch the fake news and believe it, they can pretend they live in a free country and their Congressmen listen to them. Stupidity is an American heritage and this Jonathan Tran is endangered by agency politics. We can't have all the stupid people in America shot, or America would be peopleless and that starts with all the stupid invaders who are the stupidest of stupid.