Friday, March 17, 2017

David John Oates Reversals on President Trump and the Inner Traitors

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will begin this in I could not get the Rense feed to work on this laptop until WE TURNED OFF OUR TELEVISION. Then the Wifi interference blocking David John Oates stopped. This has never happened before.

For the reversals, President Trump had a most interesting one in speaking of President Andrew Jackson defeating the British at New Orleans. Mr. Trump states FUCK YOU YOU'RE WITH THEM. This appears to point to the British assets on the inside who were wiretapping him. Remember this all goes back to Katie Walsh and her fiance, Bush family and Clinton in the pissgate files.
The President also notes that Congress is the communist 5th Column engaged in destroying America.

General Mattis said something which due to TL being Inspired was not DEMONIZE THEY GAVE THE POWER TO GOOGLE, but it is DEMON EYES. For those who have read this blog for some time will recall the Lame Cherry exclusive of the DEMON MACHINE which is exactly what Mattis has now confirmed.

Paul Ryan is impassioned on health care which is his misery, and he says he is a snake. No surprise there.

Mike Pence references in the one reversal as Jeff Rense kept adding too much chatter and David Oates could not play the entire suite, in speaking about the 5th column. Mr. Trump referenced that. It appears this is now understood what the Obama 5th column is in this insurrection.

Lastly, this is the reason Reverse Speech is so important, because in Hillary Clinton she said she was evil. Obama was a pervert. The Pater Pope was a pedophile, while President Trump loves America and her people in exhibiting being honest and truthful, we find in Rex Tillerson, Mr. Boyscout who supports Fagscouts thee most interesting sexual revelations.

Rex Tillerson before the State Department Staff, speaking of his wife, and Tillerson having 41 years of training reverses with,  NOW I NEED S & M. That is Pseudo Masochism. Apparently Sec. Tillerson is a person who has a fetish about being belittled and given orders to arouse him. His wife is a Dom.
Even more troubling is a reversal where he speaks forward in the principles we live by, and the reversal is REFUSE IT.

Donald Trump

Build on the Irish bond - We sell God. We get market.

House GOP gets rid of Obamacare - All the words are blue

Our great markets - Stay calm

Andrew Jackson winning at New Orleans - Fuck you you're with them (the British and those with them.)

Seventh President of the US - They deserve the best

My address to Congress - You're serving at the fifth (Communist 5th column)

Thank you very much - America I win

A rancher fined - Their bad is along side of us here

Jim Inoffe is so terrific - Said with your knife

Clean water rule - They're phony

General Mattis

Move rapidly against the enemy - Demonize they gave the power for Google (TL Inspired said it is DEMON EYES not demonize)
Getting different leadership ideas - Heard reversal

Marines being attacked - A neighboring position

Looking for aggressiveness - They defended the wolf

Look at every week in the Marine corp - You better believe it

Paul Ryan

Only chance healthcare - America let's heal you now

Bring it up filibuster - Fascinate so broken

Every budget on Medicaid - Here is a battle

Pull the rug out from anyone - I need you with us

Bring peace and mind - Sell the law Governors

American Healtcare Act - Clarify in my misery

Person loses their credit - That's ominous

We get the mandate removed - The name of the radio, yeah I've said a radio

Free market healthcare - They bloody come

What we are doing - We are snake

Help save our system - Yes you can

A bill moving through committee - Your misery

Mike Pence

Background speech - Limit the 5th (Communist 5th column)

Rex Tillerson

Forty one years in training - Now I need S & M

Principles for all of us to live by - Refuse it

Shake the hand of everyone of you here - They blow it up