Friday, March 10, 2017

Did an Artificial Hack the CIA

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember a few days ago when the Lame Cherry posted the reality that Hillary Clinton was Russian Hacking........meaning this:

John Podesta was PHISHED, not hacked.

The DNC emails which appeared at Wikileaks were an INSIDER who made copies like Huma Abedin did on her computer and delivered them to Wikileaks.

There was not ever any Russian hacking, beyond the normal attempts which every country initiates, even those who were allowed access to the Government computers were not hacking, because Hillary Clinton left the door open for them to get in.

Now for explaining Vault 7 from Wikileaks.

FBI Probes Wiki Vault 7 Disclosures On CIA Hacking 

Wikileaks has stated that it has revealed in millions of documents 1% of the files. That means 99% of the files are still archived.

William Binney the NSA Whistleblower estimated that the NSA had illegally data mined 20 trillion pieces of unique information, which is housed out in Utah at the facility there. My point in this is, someone just did not go into the NSA email file and plug in their flash drive and pull out some emails to pass along to Wikileaks.

The unnamed officials also confirmed that an internal investigation by the agency into the source of the leak is focused primarily on contractors, who the agency believe passed the documents to WikiLeaks.
They also stated their belief that the 8,761 documents contained within the current “Year Zero” leak, the first of the “Vault 7” series, appear to be authentic. On Wednesday, the FBI also announced its federal criminal investigation into WikiLeaks following the latest release and stated that it will be coordinating their efforts with the CIA.

The CIA knew that Vault 7 was appearing. The CIA knew it had a cyberweapon cache which had been breached which it was spying on every person on this planet, especially Americans. You have to understand this in this is bigger than PROMIS, he original banking data mining software which NSA stole from the inventor and the courts found guilty of that crime, in this is more than banking, this is turning your television on to spy on you, this is as the Lame Cherry has told you, this is the HOLES in Bill Gates software put there by him, and put there by NSA moles during development.
This is the NSA funding Facebook and Google to make every social media or every AT&T carrier a data mining operation to collect data in order to pattern every human in order to manipulate them.

When this is pegged at the "contractors" this is an overview as in Edward Snowden who was employed for work at the NSA, and as you can now understand, these people are a bit fringe, but basically centrist in they do not want a world where Big Cartel is eavesdropping on every word from Donald Trump to the Trump children in their homes.
When the Lame Cherry told you there are entire archives which house fetish portfolios for the elite and that there are .........shall we say zoo lists of personal amusements of people who are monitored for entertainment purposes, you are beginning to understand what this hidden data mine is and why certain people started copying files.

It does not require a CIA or FBI investigation to understand that how this data breach occurred was from inside the system. Do you think that there is just one computer or back up computers? Of course there are back up systems, and in this someone simply copied thee entire CIA portfolio at some portal.
Are there huge flashdrives? Of course there are, but this points to a fast imprinting, or a multi faceted data securing where a back up to a major data file system was created as a back up drive in the beyond terabytes.
In some spy thriller movie thing, this ghosted data coming in from a satellite on a download from Langley for current information, and for the back up storage, it spoofed a legitimate connection.

Of course there are countermeasures in no one can just drive up to a super computer site with their Toyota truck and a host of terabyte servers in the back end with the snake cakes, but if someone clever enough to accomplish this was clever enough to jump this to a Stingray server picking up smart phone data, all of this information could have "walked" from the archive, to the office, to their Toyota and no one would have been the wiser.

Oh and when the CIA is pointing to "contractors", this was someone else who was engaged in this operation as something more notorious was building, and if it was not set back with the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord elections, it was not ever going to be stopped.

Year Zero has highlighted the extent of the CIA and MI6’s spying capabilities. The two intelligence agencies were revealed to have held a joint workshop on hacking into Samsung smart TVs, allowing them to listen to audio via the devices, even when powered off.
#Vault7: #CIA can hide its own fingerprints from its hacking exploits & attribute blame to others - #Wikileaks

So that is what this is. Those who knew what this White Sands was building went Oppenheimer and went to the Chicoms and Moscow, who apparently provided cover for this in assistance, as they were displeased about being blamed for every hack, when they knew it was CIA doing the hacking.

One more piece in this why "Russian hacking" manifested, in this was focused on the media content
"manipulating" others, and now it is pointing to why the lame misdirection of hacking to cover up that there were those inside America, who were in the process of revealing a greater  part of what was taking place in the shadowlands of the Deep State.

This really was bad form in Obama, Clinton and Bush trying to smear President Trump with the Russians, as all of this is now exposing these criminal families and those real powers who built the artificial intelligence grid for the false tree.

You have not yet realized in your flat world that the real hacker may be an artificial.

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