Sunday, March 26, 2017

Echo of Jehu

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I sit here contemplating the future which you will enter and I live, I have to ask God His Will in what the future will be, for I think in my choosing, I will not change the time line again as I stated when I began this to place Donald Trump into the White House, that the time line should reset and events should reach the Great Tribulation.

What I received instead was a Homeland interview of intimidation and I shall not repeat that in rewriting a time line to stop what was intended. If this what the regime desires, then that is what will prevail.

I began this to negate Armageddon's effects, the Great Tribulation and to lessen the effects of the coming cosmic events for peace and cooperation between Christian Russia and Christian America. The time line though is resetting to the original order of chaos. The echo of Jehu appears to be solidifying.

Before us is our very own tyrant in the making, and he is intent on consuming his own.

Jehu was noted after being backed by the Jehovah faction, to have wiped out his enemies at home and been defeated by enemies abroad.

I have to inquire of God on this to know the correct position to take. My Lord Jesus is my Leader and the Truth and the Spirit is the home where I worship the Father only.
Many of you are disheartened by current events, do not be dismayed as your choice was correct, for you chose God. Jesus is Lord and the future comes to His return.