Sunday, March 5, 2017

For my Children

My favorite character on Wooster and Jeeves, Madeline Bassett Bassett

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been remiss in not saying thank you to those who have expressed concern about us, and for those who have donated, as I do read your notes and do take note of what your kindnesses are, but at this moment I am sitting down after taking a walk with TL in the dark, as there is no time in the day.

Puntz is here with me making little mew sounds in her raspy voice and is dozing off to sleep, as Hugh Laurie is Bertie Wooster in the background.

 I have noticed that the blog has been far too much unfun, in someone noted about the Batman series was a much needed reprieve from all the toxic stuff. I would write more on those things like before, but it is like I am bailing water in a sinking boat in trying to keep the Trump boat afloat as those experts are always getting into trouble and are not learning in progress.

I do not know if I can stem what is coming in the time line about that Great Eurasian War and the global terror events as I was generating a time of peace between Russia and America. Too many irons in the first to juggle, so I must in God's Grace expand the Spiritual energy to make this an easy task. I just do not know if I have time to grow into the job.

Baby Belle was in season today. I can tell with her because she gets a menstrual discharge. Most cows simply ride each other. Those two are doing every well, thank God. They bound around here like dogs literally. It is a pretty good deal as I let them out in the morning as I haul hay to them, and open the gate to water them, and they feed down by the goat pens, and when I am done with those chores, I tell them it is time to go and they lope into the barn.
I have to gather a load of burdock I did not get dug out last summer and then I can let them muss about in the garden to pick at things.
It felt so good today to actually pull up tomato cages from last year and open things up. I never have time to enjoy myself any more. It is a reality that here am I not here on God's time to relax. Rest is for the hereafter and I am not there.

Someone I can not name, but we owe the election to offered to send me to the ER and pay for it for x rays when I failed to walk on the air. That was kind, but I am healing in the Lord. Some pain around the collar bone up to my jugular yet, and a few joint and muscle tissue things get my attention when I load hay, but the lesson was learned to not take chances for good causes.

The terror which inflicted on us murdered a cow, a calf, another calf and had a heifer preemie a calf which died in the kitchen. No profit in that, along with my two goats dead, but some people when they get pissed off just vent a plume of death, and emotional misery.
There is no sense in being upset about it, as there was so much of things just dying for no reason other than satan, that I trust in the Lord's restoration and know there is worse coming in the Great Tribulation.

I blinked and Richard and Stephanie's letter was like a month ago they wrote. Has almost been two months since the first of the latest wave of upheavals took place. I am reminded by the Holy Ghost I have some baby apple seedling to check in the fridge from a month ago when they sprouted......was so cold here it was best they were kept there and somehow I did not have time to look at them today.

I do pray for you and thank you for your generosity, even if it is lost in the numerous posts which seem all I am is the firewoman for the Trump towering inferno. The President has a real problem in being insulated by Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh as the gatekeepers. That is what the problem was with Sessions. Conway and Bannon have access, but the lower tier are apparently lied to and manipulated.
As I was telling TL, if I was ever employed there, I would tell the President that I wanted a way to text him, and when I wanted 5 minutes of his time, I better get it, as it would be like that Jeff Sessions situation in being important.
I would keep a resignation letter in my pocket because I would not be vented upon, and if those trolls tried to lock me out from the President, I would let the President know they would get their heads shoved through the wall as my announcing knock.

Too much of that stuff in other posts, so do not need it here.

Tonight TL and I will watch the end of Albert and Victoria. Good German boy, but you see where that Charles gets that sticking his nose into cultural shit. It is one thing on slavery, but bullshit in Charles on global warming.

I should have written today for the archives to keep that buffer there, as have too many things filling up the time in the day and night. Think we got to bed at around 2 last night. Saw some weird feed of James Darren the rocker in a show called the Time Tunnel. Was really bad, but two people from Star Trek were in it, in Lee Meriwether  and that old dude with white hair..........looked him up, was Whit Bissell.
Meriwether never got her retirement package until she did Barnaby Jones with Buddy Epsen. Amazing woman with a hot bod like hers, and she never was rolling around naked showing it off.
Bissell was in the trouble with Tribbles.......must have been the Star Base head guy.

Whit Bissell Picture

I like catching glimpses of those old shows in there are so many of those stock B actors you see in all of those programs.

John Zaremba Picture

I did not remember John Zaremba in the Time Tunnel, but he was in Little House on the Prairie and Dallas too.

Alot of people made a good living as bit part actors, some you remembered and some you did not notice. I think it would be cool to be a bit part actor in appearing in all those shows and movies. That is where the real actors appear, because it allows you to create a character if you are any good at your job, and if not you just look like a dope like most of those spearchuckers on Wonder Woman or Ben Affleck appearances as Batman.

That boy has really got the limp dick. Drunk and doesn't want to work, and his brother who can't act wins an Oscar........that is a real balancing of the scales. Would think being married to that Jennifer Garner would have been enough punishment for any man, but he must have really screwed the pooch some place.
That part makes me smile and why I enjoy my Batman posts, as Joaquin Phoenix should have been cast as Batman long ago. He really is about the best actor America has in his range and it is just fun making Joaquin Phoenix the focal point of the universe, as all of his detractors have David Letterman passed to oblivion.

Like most of us, there is alot of talent out there that never gets a break. By God's Grace I had to build it here. Joaquin Phoenix got the break, but he never got all the roles he would have crushed. Just have to keep plugging along and believe it will even out.

I better shut this down as I have to surf the net and see what the Holy Ghost Inspires and I have to remember to inquire about something that would not come out of the shadows last night.

God bless and keep each of you who are the Good in Jesus  Name Amen and Amen