Friday, March 10, 2017

Jeff Sessions Fires Remaining Obama US Attorneys


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry applauds Attorney General Jeff Sessions in demanding the resignation of the 46 remaining Obama political officers at the US Attorney's Office, so that American can have a fresh beginning of Justice under the Law, instead of political persecutions of Americans.

No more example be made than the travesty of Justice which has taken place in the witch hunt against the Bundy family and their Patriot supporters be mentioned, that left LaVoy Finicum murdered and Americans persecuted by their own protectors turned prosecutors, and has now been exposed for the fraud it is.

The Bundy's and their supporters should never have been charged, and this falls on the US Federal Judges and US Attorneys, who had their charges and cases nullified by Jury in Oregon, in setting these Americans free, only to be persecuted again by this corrupt Obama regime in Nevada.

This is not Justice. This is the criminalization of the US Courts, where  Sheriff Joe Arpiao is persecuted endlessly like the Bundys as Mexican invaders walk free, and as Rahm Emanuel is made Obama Chief of Staff as Governor Rod Blagojevich rots in political prison.

Have we forgotten the first examples of this Obama injustice was Black Panthers threatening Black voters in Philadelphia in Obama intimidation and the BATFE setting up those hapless Hutatree people by an Obama mole instigating insurrection, and when the dust settled, one US Judge looked at this case and threw it out, because she knew it was all BOGUS.

If there were honest US Attorney's appointed by Obama, none ever stood up and resigned due to the Holder and Lynch crimes. In fact, as everyone ponders Podesta Pizzagate, the Obama regime was giving cover to democrat pedophiles in South Dakota.

Lame Cherry: The Obama Pedophile Coddlers

The Obama Pedophile Coddlers ... United States Attorney Brendan V. Johnson announced that Jerry R. Farlee, age 58, of Eagle Butte, South Dakota, ...

If you need a refresher course on Brendan Johnson, just know that what America is being rationed death for in Obamacare is DUE TO DEMOCRAT TIM JOHNSON, SENATOR SOUTH DAKOTA, sold his vote to Obama so his son would be named over other democrats in that state as US Attorney. None of us would have this Ryan McConnell disaster of Obamacare Lite if it was not for Johnson criminally selling his seat, just as Rod Blagovich was jailed for. Yes another Obama crime which should appear before a Grand Jury in influence pedaling which involved the US Department of Justice.

The above is but the tip of the rotten corrupt iceberg which was Obama US Attorneys office across America, persecuting Americans and protecting terrorists, Muslims, Mexicans, invaders, sodomites and pedophiles. This reign must come to an absolute end, in a review of all other hirings in each of these States, so that the US Attorney's office prosecutes criminals and ceases persecuting Americans.

Sincerely, I hope Jeff Sessions understands that the American West desperately needs not political #NeverTrumper appointments, but requires people of the mindset as Secretary Ryan Zinke who recently rolled back Obama persecutions of banning firearm ammo and fishing lures due to lead, and had closed up America to Americans by closing trails.

Western Americans must have the trust restored in their Government, so they trust the process to work in protecting them, and no better place to start is the US Attorneys who understand the situation locally, whether it be oil in North Dakota, cattle grazing in Nevada, water in California, as much as coal mining in West Virginia.
Private lands confiscated by the Obama regime, need to be returned to their rightful owners, and the BLM and USFW thugs, need to be forced to resign, by Sec. Zinke, exactly as Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken the lead.

It is the first step in Jeff Sessions putting into place Americans who will cease prosecuting Americans and begin prosecuting the foreign terrorists and Soros rioters, with direction to the FBI that James Comey has failed at in an 8 year process which has Americans in all 50 states no longer trusting federal law enforcement who appear on their doorstep for interviews, because someone in DC was monitoring what innocent Americans were expressing and wanted to wiped out.

This is a wonderful day for America in Attorney General Jeff Sessions prevailing at Justice and the US Attorney's office in cleansing it of Obama corruption in order to protect Americans again, so the wounds of Obama persecution can heal.

God bless you Jeff Sessions and may Jeff Sessions choose ALL of the US Attorney's and not Reince Priebush.....yes Priebush is the correct term for this scoundrel, who has usurped appointments from Sec. Tillerson and Sec. Munchkin for Preibush's political #NeverTrumpers.
God place US Attorney's into office who will accomplish God's will through President Donald Trump.