Sunday, March 12, 2017

Katie Walsh's Threat to the President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the President has once again not listened to Christian counsel. Katie Walsh is cemented in place and the current old cock she is flat back for, in Mike Shields her fiance, appearing from 10 Downing Street and all the #NeverTrumpers of England, is best summed up by this quote:

Shields is dangerous. He has no internal compass, and his political mentor is Congressman Dave Reichert. Reichert is probably the most liberal Republican in the House. He has never had a job in the private sector.

Someone who has never held a job, is linked to the most liberal politicians in the mirror image of Barack Hussein Obama.

Consider the assessment of those who know Mike Shields, state he is amoral without any moral compass, and who is attracted to this psychopathy but Katie Walsh who coordinates the White House daily in whether the Trump message is delivered smoothly or in chaos.

Mike Shields like Katie Walsh are the threat to the President. These are the PROFESSIONAL RIGHT, where the color of currency is their only allegiance. They have no God, no President nor Country. Parents are forfeit as are moral compunction to protect and serve the American People.
Shields uttered the words PROFESSIONAL RIGHT to smear the grass roots movement, but it is he who is of this profession in his confession of hatred of everything President Trump has promised to America.

Conservative icon Richard Viguerie, Chairman of, told Breitbart that “Shields’ comments show that Rush Limbaugh was right, one of the biggest problems with the RNC, and why it is failing so miserably to connect with grassroots conservatives and Tea Party activists, is that Republican insiders like Mike Shields just plain don’t like conservatives.”

And exactly what is it Katie Walsh and Reince Preibus intend to wipe out the Conservatives as Bush fam plotted and as the Obama IRS carried out in hounding the Tea Party.

Campaign for Liberty President John Tate extended the criticism to Shields’s boss, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “While Reince Priebus gives lip service to the grassroots, libertarians and conservatives, he hires a chief of staff who has sworn to remove us from the party.”

Sworn to remove the Trump voters from the Republican Party.

Those words echo ever more true, as we witness  the lying Paul Ryan subvert the repeal of Obamacare for Ryan Rationed Debt and Death, and Mitch McConnell can not fathom a way to enact the President's tax cuts. As the Lame Cherry has pointed out the GOP passed an Obamacare repeal for Obama's desk and in 1981 passed a tax cut for Ronald Reagan which prospered America for 30 years.

Mike Shields worked for John Boehner, who was an Obama man. Mike Shields worked for Reince Priebus who is sabotaging President Trump. Mike Shields works for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who are enacting a Congressional coup against the President and the Republican base, and Mike Shields is coating Katie Walsh's nethers by night as she brings that stench into the Oval Office filling the nostrils of Donald Trump every day.

President Trump owes his victory to the God of gods, the God of the Founders of America, and he has turned that victory over to those who hate the President, hate Christians and hate Americans.

.......and Steve Bannon vouches for her, but then Katie Walsh calls Jared Kurschner, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus her gentlemen.

It all becomes more clear every day.