Friday, March 24, 2017

President Donald Trump A Changing Soul

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates latest reversals on Rense, featuring the Canadian work of "Naomi".

The following reversals show that Donald Trump is transforming to the person he must become, but is not there. He views people as animals, that they should be shot and that Nancy Pelosi is a woman who will cock suck all the evil cum she can.


Troubling and obvious, the reversals show that James Comey, James Clapper and John McCain are all lying and exploiting their lies to move Americans to be brainwashed or into war.

Rex Tillerson thinks he should kill North Korea.

There is an interesting one where Mike Pence is speaking about making war in Europe, and uses the word DOPE. It can be projected that Pence knows of an operation where narcotics are being used to subdue the enemy as part of a war strategy.

Donald Trump

eliminated devastating anti coal - an animal leader

negotiating much better deals - damn it was legal

not going to happen any more Kentucky remember that - memory cost me no meaning, if I had a gun, if I had gun.
just the beginning - Pelosi can they give it

about Pelosi - she'll kiss your evil sauce (cocksucker)

tremendous numbers of bidders on wall - cause an ambush

States get the money run program - I want to whip it

Obamacare's dead - You believe that's American

James Clapper

huge naval investments, China - Just remember they're opposite

withstand a counter retaliation, Russia - Being picked on, say you lost your hot head

reference to hacking - they're region I'll sing it (fake news)

am a cold war warrior, they are talking yet - they're getting closer

James Comey
talks about leaks - Serving it and I will grow sheep (Comey will lie and the sheep will believe it.)

John McCain

treaty returned to calendar (Russia) - You evil leaders

Trump in Moscow - Misery is death to dead

Russia changed results of election - You're worth it (Lies are worth promoting the war.)

provision of defensive weapons to Ukraine - Vow this effort

Rex Tillerson

We look to China (North Korea) - and I should kill you

Mike Pence

Represent the interest of the United States - America you're the best

Crisis in the world marshaling European support - Dope a snake hurry (Evil out there to stop it  fast) (LC note, are they unleashing narcotics trade as a war prelude.)

Administer oath of office - They deserve favor

Mike Morrell (Hillary Clinton's intelligence hack)

Computer code not release it - Seal Iran (CIA had the computer code of Stuxnet which revealed they had it and sealed Iran with it.