Thursday, March 23, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased to announce the following movie in the unauthorized autobiography of Barack Hussein Obama for the cinematic screen of RED WHITE & OBAMA.

The cast is stellar in Milo Yankopolis as Barack Hussein Obama, Meryl Streep as Michelle Obama, Casey Affleck and his brother as the Obama adoptive daughters, and the legendary Alec Baldwin as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The story begins in a Brothel in Hawaii, where the anchor wife of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. a Filipino woman, who conceived and bore Birther Hussein, upon which he was sold to Stanley Ann Dunham.

It moves to CIA asset Stan Ann, moving with her Indonesian husband to Indonesia to groom Barry Soetoro to be Muslim dictator of Indonesia.

Having rocks thrown at him which he adored dancing to, Barry was smuggled back into the USA, the bastard son of a Horn of Africa dock worker, a foreign Filipino, and various birth abstracts proving citizenship in Asia, Africa and America.

It then moves to Obama smoking choom and sniffing his Uncle Frank's urine soaked underwear.

It then moves for the next 5 years to Obama smoking choom and smelling urine soaked underwear.

It then moves to Obama gaining admission to college as a student of foreign aid in California.

Next we see Obama in New York having sex with his Pakistani Muslim boyfriend.

Obama is then awarded a Harvard degree for showing up.

Obama then community  organizes in Chicago, takes to wife the shemale Michelle Obama, as Jesse Jackson ran him off from his daughter, and Obama having sexual homosexual contacts with handsome young white men like Lawrence Sinclair.

Obama snorts coke

Obama then steals  the Illinois Senate Seat.

Obama smokes dope.

Obama then has stolen from John McCain the US Presidency.

Obama smokes dope and plays golf.

Obama then has stolen from Mitt Romney the US Presidency.

Obama smokes dope, plays golf and dies at the White House on June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.

Obama is replaced by a jinn and a series of impersonators.

image Obama is driven from office, goes to Virgin Island, and wrestles with Richard Branson.

image Obama begins an insurrection against President Donald Trump.

Fade to black, in the Obama legacy of RED WHITE and OBAMA.

Alec Baldwin turns in an epic performance as Hillary Clinton barking like a dog, laughing at anal rape murder in Khadaffi and Chris Stevens, coughing and having seizures.

Meryl Streep is perfect in black face paint, playing Julia Childs playing Amy Adams playing Michelle Obama, a role she nailed as a hermaphrodite with he shower scene with Val-erie Jarrett.