Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reince that Priebus Right Out Of Your Hair

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The job of a Chief of Staff in the White House is to become what Christians are in removing all of your identity and only advocating for Christ. A Chief of Staff has one purpose and that is to free the President to  lead and not to attempt to usurp power to become President.
A Chief of Staff must make every decision as the President would and NEVER place their will into decisions.
A Chief of Staff must rule in the White House under an authority which provides access to all, with the thunder bolt from the sky warning, that there will be hell to pay if anyone abuses that privilege. When the Cabinet and Advisers meet the President, they are short, to the point and there is never drama or intrigue, or that person will be fired, as the President's time is invaluable.

Reince Priebus is a White House Chief of Staff who has violated all of the above, and gone to the Mike Pence buffoonery of mocking the President, in Priebus has decided that his job is to "fix things" that the President has stated, when no one can improve upon a Trump Tweet, and what should be accomplished is building upon the President's directive instead of apologizing for it.

The worst of this has now erupted in a Politico story, and there has not been this kind of high handed misuse of power in the White House since Don Regan was given the sack by First Lady Nancy Reagan. In Politico, we find out from more leaking White House Staff who are so utterly frustrated in the few Trump Loyalists who remain, that Priebus summons all to his office in the morning for a meeting.
We are not yet two months into this Administration, and already the staff are rolling their eyes about lectured on leaks, and are sending in their deputies to be bored by Priebus as they have breakfast appointments in attempting to serve the President.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain something to reveal how incompetent Reince Priebus is as Chief of Staff, and it is something most of you have missed in the above.

When you have a meeting, do you have it in your office, or do you have it in a conference room?

Now that I have you thinking about this, you are ready to be educated in leadership. One NEVER invites anyone into your office for group meetings, as it degrades the status of the office. The office is personal. It is the inner sanctum of secrets, of rewards and punishment. It is the place that every employee must dread and approach with complete respect for what will take place there.
Priebus in trying to be mini don, has such a low self esteem that he has to show off his office to staffers every day to say, "Look I got a nice office here and you have a compartment and that makes me better than you."

Priebus has violated that and now everyone is rolling their eyes and has no respect for the office. A conference room is called a conference room, because that is the place where one conducts group meetings.

Priebus can no longer lead, because he never was strong enough to lead.

The list of the sins of Priebus are growing. In Trump Trans he has been one of the worst violators of the President's trust, as it is "What would Reince do?", and what Priebus does is place every #NeverTrumper he can find, because his Big Koch oligarchs all expect their people to be rewarded and Priebus is handing out the spoils and spoiling all.

The worst disease in the White House is Katie Walsh. She is a flatbacker who likes old cock. She was dicking that old Senator Kirk and dumped him when he stroked out, and moved up to Priebus' former Chief of Staff, Paul Ryan's #NeverTrumper, Mike Shields who she is dicking now.
To explain Katie Walsh is to explain someone each of you know in your working career, because Katie Walsh is the perky little coquette to those who are in power and she needs to whore for to get ahead, but is a bitchweed to those around her and under her, who she cuts out and destroys.
Walsh would trade up in the cock department if the opportunity arose and she would knife any of her superiors in the back to get their jobs. This treacherous twat is what Reince Priebus thinks is a good choice for Deputy Chief of Staff and little Kate has conned Steve Bannon into thinking she is his go to girl.
Bannon just needs to get into trouble and Walsh shown the Bannon job, and she would be leaking about him too.

It is that Reince Priebus weakness and inability to discern flatbackers which has produced a White House not in harmony. The entire problem goes to the inheritors of Trump Trans in Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kurschner, with this wormy parasite Reince Priebus orchestrating coups for his power.

For a revisit to Reince Priebus, recall that he rose to power in a coup against RNC Chair Michael Steele, and in the rewards process his lieutenant was awarded the data mining for the GOP, as Mike Shields was Chief of Staff, to move up to #NeverTrumper Paul Ryan in Congressional elections bleeding the Trump campaign dry of donations, and as soon as Katie Walsh hiked her skirt, Shields and Priebus made her Chief of Staff, and Walsh's girlfriend got the job of fundraiser in this incestuous brothel which Reince Priebus should have been fired over, and never hired over, as he was the Trump minder in doing one thing, while his people were cutting off funding to the Trump campaign.

Priebus is adept at that, as he and Sean Spicer, another Priebus crony who got a job were busy "building" the GOP on ground campaign, which was the HW Bush and W Bush scam of conning Christians to go out and bust their asses for Jeb Bush after Bush trounced that reprobate Ted Cruz, and in those volunteers get into the White House, whereby the Christians would all be kicked to the curb again, and that is exactly what happened with Reince Priebus. Priebus with Bannon, Pence and Kurschner obliterated the Trump Loyalists and the Christians who God worked through for this victory, while flatbacker Walsh had the audacity to say it was her data mining which did it. Walsh Priebus and Shields were in the TRUMP VOTE SUPPRESSION 100 Days Conspiracy.

You do remember in this that it was Paul Ryan who leaked pussygrab to defeat Donald Trump, and that came from the Congressional election group which is Mike Shields and Katie Walsh is in bed with him, because Priebus hired all of these traitors!!!

Apparently a day in the life of Reince Priebus according to the White House leakers is Priebus running up and down the halls, jumping literally into conversations as he puffs and sweats on people trying to do their jobs, as Priebus spies on them........that is when he is not crawling his way into the White House after apologizing for the President, as he plots with Jared Kurschner and Ivanka Trump to have Mike Pence fire Mike Flynn or the latest gem of Priebus and Kurschner playing at President, lying to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in forcing Sessions to recuse himself, telling Sessions that is what the President wanted.
Truths come out and the Truth is President Trump was livid over this betrayal and refused to allow this traitor Priebus to the weekend policy gathering in Florida.
Then again Priebus lied in his own leak, in stating he stayed home to work.

There was one reason Reince Priebus was hired by President Trump, and it was the same reason Mike Pence was brought on board, and that was to get Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to pass Trump legislation.

We know that Pence lied and cut a deal with Ryan and democrats for Obamacare light. We know that Priebus oversaw all of this, and we have no Obamacare repeal and replace immediately, we have no tax plan and we have no stimulus plan and we have no Wall going up.
We do have President Trump investigated by Congress on fake news charges. Pence and Priebus are doing are really great job for Jeb Bush and democrats.

If White House employees begin to head for the exits, one aide suggested, a change could be sooner than expected.
“I think the president is starting to figure it out,” this person said, “slowly but surely.”

We are at a point now according to Politico leaker quotes, of the Trump Administration tipping, in the Loyalists are pondering walking out the door, and in their resignations will be the signal that they signed on to Make America Great Again and serve President Trump and not have their talents wasted by Reince Priebus.

Back at the White House on Friday morning, Trump summoned his senior aides into the Oval Office, where he simmered with rage, according to several White House officials. He upbraided them over Sessions’s decision to recuse himself, believing that Sessions had succumbed to pressure from the media and other critics instead of fighting with the full defenses of the White House.
As reporters began to hear about the Oval Office meeting, Priebus interrupted his Friday afternoon schedule to dedicate more than an hour to calling reporters off the record to deny that the outburst had actually happened, according to a senior White House official.
“Every time there’s a palace intrigue story or negative story about Reince, the whole West Wing shuts down,” the official said.

The drama queen Reince Priebus, more worried about his image than the President's.

None of these insiders are doing the job in serving President Trump 1000 percent 24 hours a day. The White House is in chaos, not from President Trump, but because the White House staff are self serving or #NeverTrumpers, and all Steve Bannon does is play the intrigue with words, instead of any of these people putting together a staff of White House Internal Affairs to battle the leakers and Obama Bush coup plotters with the full weight of an investigative and prosecutorial body which only serves the President.

As a possible solution to this chaos and disaster, the Lame Cherry suggests the following remedy. The job is too much for Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh, as both are too weak for the job.

The Lame Cherry suggests that a Domestic Policy Chief of Staff be appointed to take the load off from Priebus and Walsh.
For these positions I suggest Michelle Bachmann as Domestic Policy Chief of Staff with Stephen Mansfield as Deputy DPCOS. Mr. Mansfield co wrote the last book of the Hammer Tom DeLay.
As liaison for this DPCOS extends Omarosa Manigault's duties with White House Counsel Don McGahn, another Hammer associate already working at 1600 Penn.

The above group are all heavy thumpers, and Bachmann provides the ability to manage, and perform Congressional outreach. Mansfield is uber Christian for coordinating faith based with Omarosa's Minority outreach in the inner cities which is vital with Dr. Ben Carson, and Mr. McGahn knows where the skeletons are all buried to get things passed in Congress.

Just like Celebrity Apprentice let the Bachmann group prove they can get things done, serve the President with full support and then the President in this domestic peace and success, show Priebus and the flatbacker Walsh the door.

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