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The Byrd Rule of Ted Cruz to Save Donald Trump

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The Ryan Bribery Bill which President Donald Trump has signed onto as Obamacare 2.0, is simply taking Obama subsidies and making them into Ryan entitlements for the US Chamber of Commerce, so you have to pay for other people's insurance in rich people, instead of Obama's in your paying for poor people's health insurance.

Now that you understand the base of Obamacare 2.0, and know that the President and Ryan are threatening Conservatives, who are trying to save the Trump Presidency, because YOUR INSURANCE RATES ARE GOING TO SPIKE 15% PER YEAR FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS, which spells disaster in any recovery and at the GOP polls, you need to understand something which is going to appear if this horrid bill appears out of the Senate.

It is called the Byrd Rule, after Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

I am going to endeavor to write this in normal language instead of what you will be hearing, so you will understand all of this.

See in the US Senate, the members can filibuster or they can keep talking unless 60 members vote to stop the debate. Filibustering is the way Congress used to kill bills in the rights of the few not being steamrolled by the majority.

What the Byrd Rule is, is it suspends the filibuster on spending bills, and it requires a 60 vote majority for any members challenge to something in the bill which does not meet the Byrd Rule to be struck down.

Senator Robert Byrd

Here is the pointy head speak of the Byrd Rule.

  1. if it does not produce a change in outlays or revenues;
  2. if it produces an outlay increase or revenue decrease when the instructed committee is not in compliance with its instructions;
  3. if it is outside the jurisdiction of the committee that submitted the title or provision for inclusion in the reconciliation measure;
  4. if it produces a change in outlays or revenues which is merely incidental to the non-budgetary components of the provision;
  5. if it would increase the deficit for a fiscal year beyond those covered by the reconciliation measure, though the provisions in question may receive an exception if they in total in a Title of the measure net to a reduction in the deficit; and
  6. if it recommends changes in Social Security.
Any senator may raise a procedural objection to a provision believed to be extraneous, which will then be ruled on by the Presiding Officer of the United States Senate, customarily on the advice of the Parliamentarian of the United States Senate. A vote of 60 senators is required to overturn the ruling. The Presiding Officer need not necessarily follow the advice of the Parliamentarian, and the Parliamentarian can be replaced by the Senate Majority Leader

To simplify this in plain speak:

1.  A spending bill like Obamacare has to deal with money spent.
2. If it does not does follow spending rules.
3. If the committee has no authority to deal with healthcare spending.
4. If the bill is not directly related to spending.
5. If it spends more money than the current bill.
6. If it changes Social Security.

Basically the bill can not spend more than allotted, change Social Security, does not deal with the subject at hand or does not follow the rules in place, this then RECONCILES or makes the bill compatible with the bill already there. You can not have a bill on healthcare and turn it into a bill on forestry.

This is one reason the Obamacare platform was kept to reconcile it to the Ryancare bill as it is a framework for looting America.

Now that you understand this, you can understand Senator Ted Cruz, attempting to do what is right in actually having the President keep his promises to America, under Reconciliation and the Byrd Rule, because this is the only way Obamacare is ever going to be dealt with, because without the Byrd Rule, it goes to filibuster and the GOP does not have 60 votes to end that, and it will require 60 votes to pass all these other Phase 2 and Phase 3 changes which the President is promising.
In other words, President Trump is never going to get the insurance across borders passed in a 60 vote Senate.

All of this has to be done now with the door open, and Senator Cruz has laid down the framework in what will take place is Vice President Mike Pence as President of the Senate will take the chair and then with the advice of the Parliamentarian of the United States Senate, who is Elizabeth MacDonald, this moves through with her advice and Vice President Mike Pence's consent in the chair.

Elizabeth MacDonough.png

Elizabeth MacDonald

What is at loggerheads in this besides this Ryancare fixes nothing, is the Secretary of Health is given broad powers to accomplish all the things we want. The problem is that in 4 years it might be President Hillary Clinton with her own HHS Secretary re-implementing all of Obamacare again.
Do you get the point in the treachery of Ryancare in they are doing exactly what I warned you of, is they are just giving you back enough breathing room to fool you, and in another election they will smash you with single payer regime run rationed death worse than what the Obamacare disaster is.

In this, the US Senate being led by Rand Paul, Mike Lee and the Constitutional prowess of Ted Cruz, do have a way to "fix Ryancare", which is still Obamacare 2.0, but it has to be done in the Senate under the Byrd Rule now, and what Paul Ryan has to give the Congressmen PROTECTING YOU, is the insurance protection so costs are not going to rise 45% in the next 3 years and defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box.

It is a point in this, that President Trump seems sincere in this, but he has made a deal for this disaster in trusting that liar Paul Ryan who is offering Mr. Trump absolute defeat in 2020, for Mr. Trump's economic plan of tax cuts.
The point being what the hell good are tax cuts in which you might get 2000 dollars back when your health insurance is going up 4500 dollars? That kind of cost destroys the entire economic recovery as Americans can not afford this.

What I would prefer is Ryancare defeated or tabled, and the Rand Paul bill introduced by the Freedom Caucus in the House.

Senator Rand Paul

Dr. Rand Paul Unveils Obamacare Replacement Act | U.S ...

Dr. Rand Paul Unveils Obamacare Replacement ... to provide Congress with a health care plan grounded in broadly supported conservative reforms that is ready for an ...

This is a summary:

Dr. Paul’s entire plan laid out section by section HERE, and you can find summary information below. 
Dr. Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement Act, S. 222:
Legalizes Inexpensive Insurance Plans:
  • Ensures that Americans can purchase the health insurance coverage that best fits their needs.
  • Eliminates Obamacare’s essential health benefits requirement, along with other restrictive coverage and plan requirements, to once again make low-cost insurance options available to American consumers.
Protects Individuals with Pre-Existing Conditions:
  • Provides a two-year open-enrollment period under which individuals with pre-existing conditions can obtain coverage.
  • Restores HIPAA pre-existing conditions protections. Prior to Obamacare, HIPAA guaranteed that those in the group market could obtain continuous health coverage regardless of preexisting conditions. 
Helps More People Save To Buy Health Insurance and Cover Medical Costs:
  • Incentivizes savings by authorizing a tax credit (up to $5,000 per taxpayer) for individuals and families that contribute to HSAs.
  • Removes the annual cap on HSAs so individuals can make unlimited contributions.
  • Allows HSA funds to be used to purchase insurance, cover premiums, and more easily afford a broader range of health-related expenses, including prescription and OTC drugs, dietary supplements, nutrition and physical exercise expenses, and direct primary care, among others. 
Guarantees Fair Tax Treatment of Health Insurance:
  • Equalizes the tax treatment of the purchase of health insurance for individuals and employers by allowing individuals to deduct the cost of their health insurance from their income and payroll taxes.
  • Frees more Americans to purchase and maintain insurance apart from their work status.
  • Does not interfere with employer-provided coverage for Americans who prefer those plans.
Helps Individuals Join Together to Purchase Insurance:
  • Expands Association Health Plans (AHPs) to allow small business owners and individuals to band together across state lines through their membership in a trade or professional association to purchase health coverage for their families and employees at a lower cost.
  • Also allows individuals to pool together through any organization to purchase insurance.
  • Widens access to the group market and spreads out the risk, enhancing the ability of individuals and small businesses to decrease costs, increase administrative efficiencies, and further protect those with pre-existing conditions.
Allows the Purchase of Insurance Across State Lines:
  • Creates an interstate market that allows insurers who are licensed to sell policies in one state to offer them to residents of any other state.
Increases State Medicaid Flexibility:
  • Enables states to fully exercise current flexibilities afforded to them through Medicaid waivers for creating innovative state plan designs. 
Empowers Physicians:
  • Allows non-economically aligned physicians to negotiate for higher quality health care for their patients.
  • Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow a physician a tax deduction equal to the amount such physician would otherwise charge for charity medical care or uncompensated care due to bad debt, limited to 10% of a physician’s gross income for the taxable year.

I would add two measures of THIS IS NOT A TAX AND THE SUPREME COURT CAN NEVER RULE IT IS A TAX, along with THIS IS NOT A MANDATE IN NO AMERICAN CAN EVER BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE HEALTH CARE, and then I would be quite pleased with the above.

Whatever passes out of the House though has to invoke the Byrd Rule as Senator Ted Cruz has initiated, and then it can pass on 51 votes, but it must be thee ENTIRE PHASE 1, PHASE 2 and PHASE 3 or it will ruin President Trump in cost spikes, ruin each of you and ruin America.

The Conservatives are absolutely correct and President Trump has been placed into a position of being humiliated in defeat now or destroyed politically later.  He needs to stop threatening Conservatives, and began to embrace what Conservatives are engaged in, in keeping Mr. Trump's promises to America, and begin fixing this quickly so it does not involve more embezzling more Government funds for special interests and move on quickly to tax reforms.

I realize this is the non sexy stuff, and few will read it, but for those who care to be informed, this is the plain speak of what is taking place, which is something no American wants in Obamacare 2.0, the double dealing which will take place to get this crippled bill passed, and the process involved and those attempting to undertake it.

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