Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Cosmic Wave of Planet X


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I know I should be interested in the earth being ripped to shreds and all the sinners dead.......well not the sinners dead in the billions, but I can not help but enjoy myself in the study of this Lame Cherry Spacial Viscosity.

Ok so my law is all is liquid......gravity is liquid in waves like waves.

So we got all these asteroids blowing by earth like a bad shotgun pattern at quail. It is a point that Planet X is like a hen and all these chicks are in tow in gravity waves of this big dead star or whatever the big sky force is.

Say did you know that everyone is now talking all about what the Lame Cherry discovered and are embellishing it, and making like a living off the Inspiration here.

Never mind that as everyone steals from me.

So the Holy Ghost gave me this Inspiration in like how does a death star have asteroids and planetoids in tow, out in front of the Nibiru gal?

Sure the Holy Ghost said big orbit, but that is to deal with that in the few minds that would dare to think they are more Inspired than the popular girl, but in my law and order we got instead a Cosmic Wave, you know an Ether Force, like a Tsunami or the wake of a bow of a ship ploughing through the seas and flipping seals to the rocks on the shore, crushing them like meteors would be crushed against planet earth.

Is this not the most .......who is that guy, English...... big brain, not Rockwell.............. Newton.......... yeah that is him, like Newtonian in you got a gravity wave of liquid space energy pushing all those rocks in space, and not in that centrifugal force and gravity equal and opposite reaction orbits, but instead an energy wave blitzing rocks ahead of it like Planet X is a perpetual like Winchester 21 double barrel shotgun, not costing though like 50,000 dollars.

Am I not better as a teacher than Stephen Hawking. Who needs an android computer to voice over when you got Lame Cherry and cosmic revelations, where everyone can be talking smart about Cosmic waves and debating Ether waves and not giving me credit again.

Oh well something to think on as there has to be a reason these chicks keep floating by and it is not orbital.

NASA not calling as they got the secret tunnel bunker.

Nuff said