Monday, March 27, 2017

The defense of James Comey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today someone reappeared who thought for 30 dollars they could come in and lecture at this God Inspired Blog, after hiding away when America was at stake. The issue was how profound of virtue James Comey is, along with his non Catholic wife, who has been urging James to do the right thing...............

Dear LC, Months ago I read a story about Mrs. Comey. She's not jesuit. Nor Jewish. She a protestant. And attends church regularly. Anyway the gist of the story was about her being fed up with Deep State lies and was pushing her husband to take a moral stand. For whatever reason the story felt TRUE to me. And I stored it away in my thinking. Comey has indeed worked for Deep State his entire career. But it doesn't mean he likes what they and he have done to America. Trump kept Comey for a reason. And I believe the pieces are being put into place. And Comey is part of the Barium Test. And that Comey is a patriot. And is perhaps making up for past sins. We ALL get to re-think (repent) sins. And look for redemption in making RIGHTEOUS choices. This isn't to say I agree with everything I see. Nor that I am all knowing. Except I KNOW God is in control. I don't much like Jared nor Ivanka. I DO like Melania. Trump keeps Jared around cuz he loves his daughter and to keep him in check. A

The moral Comeys seem to think that lying to Congress is the right thing as Charles Grassley outed Comey in not coming clean in testimony as he makes up for past sins.

But what sins could this be for the Comeys?

Perhaps the murder of LaVoy Finicum for Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the FBI agents at Malheur who fired at Mr. Finicum, initiating his murder and the covering up their acts by picking up shell casings, who have still not been charged by Comey.........after  over a year.

Perhaps the Finicum orphans not finding justice or closure in the regime admitting their crimes.

Perhaps the Bundy Patriots who are rotting in prison in being political prisoners are another forgotten group of Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Comey are too busy making up for past sins, to keep America from burning down in this coup against Donald Trump where Comey has been spying on Mr. Trump for 8 MONTHS!!!

If one bothers to review the FBI under James Comey, it has degraded to thee most corrupt federal group in America.

FBI agent arrested after firing gun at Grand Rapids police ...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Police say an FBI agent has been arrested in after firing his gun at a local officer outside a fitness club.

FBI agent accused of stealing drug money to fund lavish ...

A recently fired FBI agent is indicted on charges that he stole more than $100,000 in drug money The FBI agent's buying spree, prosecutors say, began in August when ...

FBI agent arrested in Hamilton County on drunk ... - Fox 59

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (Aug. 25, 2015)- Police arrested an agent from the Indianapolis field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over the weekend ...

High-Ranking FBI Agent Convicted of Assault on Teen Nearly ...

A high-ranking FBI agent named Gerald Rogero was convicted for assaulting a 15-year-old in ... He then threatened the teen's mother with arrest when she tried to ...
That is just a sample of the quick search headlines of James Comey's police state assault on all Americans which has been the worst of situations for Federal Officers who have had to endure this litany of absolute corruption.

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch: No Arrest

IRS targeting the Tea Party: No Arrest

Hillary Clinton crimes: No Arrest

Just progress this out, if Donald Trump's  staff was embezzling funds, raping people, shooting at Police officers, beating up children, drunk and stalking people in bathrooms. The President would be rightfully impeached as he is responsible, but with James Comey in his dirty house, he continues on while propaganda convinces simple minds that he and his wife are really the good people in this.

As this apparently needs repeating for dimwits. If you think your idiocy is so brilliant, go blog yourself, as 10 dollars does not get you the privilege of being an idiot in thinking you can influence what God generates. 20 dollars does not get you a permission to insult me nor dare to lecture at me.
So it is repeated STAY OFF MY BLOG in my private conversation and #GOBLOGYOURSELF.

I have a hard enough time of it without being bothered by people who think the Lame Cherry is a pony to ride to validate themselves.

So STAY OFF THE BLOG and stop contacting me with rants about HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SENT ME as I am not a whore to be purchased as that is what you think money allows you issue any abuse you choose to dispense.....from a Blackberry 10 Smartphone on Verizon. A lot of money is what one wastes on their self indulgences.