Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Kushner Wars

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There is a reality as Christians have been cut out of the Trump Administration, that a reality is going to be faced that Jared Kushner is where he is at, was backed by his Ashkenaz faction for the expressed purpose to bring peace to the Mideast.

Trump: Jared Kushner will 'broker Mideast peace' for the ...

Trump: Jared Kushner will 'broker Mideast peace' for the White House ... will work to "broker a Middle East peace deal," the president-elect said over the weekend. ...

Trump Invites Palestinian Leader Abbas to White House

Trump Invites Palestinian Leader Abbas to White House ... White House spokesman Sean Spicer in Washington later confirmed Trump had invited Abbas to a ...

But what kind of peace is a Kushner Peace?

If one pays attention to the press reports of a jubilant Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of the Israeli state was meeting with President Trump and Kushner, to Netanyahu going to Moscow and being rebuffed by President Putin over Iran with the words "We live in the 21st century now", there is movement in this behind the scenes, but before one knows the elephant in the room we have, we need to understand the elephant which was.

The Mideast has been in Soviet and Anglo American relations one of Russia betting on Muslims and Americans stuck with the indefensible sucker bet of the Jews, as Jews do not breed and Muslims breed like rats.
Presidents Bill Clinton and HW Bush misused the trust of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Empire, and in a last retaliation, the old KGB salted the Mideast with some missing nuclear warheads. Iraq was sold one large Satan warhead too big for its Scud batteries, but Iran was sold a mixed assortment of tactical artillery weapons and large ballistic warheads numbering around 12.
Seismic activity in the late 1990's revealed that Iran detonated one of these small warheads in their northern mountainous regions, where the current Iranian production facilities of hydrogen bombs is underway, as Iran has perfected the Dr. Khan or Pakistani designed cone shaped tactical nuclear warhead for atomic bombs.

Iran is Shia, Iraq is Sunni, and Saudi Arabia had no deterrent, so the Saud family funded the Pakistani nuclear project in order to procure nuclear weapons.

Iran has been very active in the nuclear weapons program, joining with the Kim family of North Korea, as both nations exchange their ballistic missile technology and nuclear advancements. Simply put, North Korea has verified miniature nuclear devices so Iran has the same capabilities as the Iranian Obama nuclear deal was simply a bribe of money and assurances of a non US attack.

This is important now as Syria is in the forefront of the "Jewish Wars" which began with Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, for America to eliminate Jewish threats, as the entire commerce of Obama organized communists under the cover of terrorism ran the entire black market of oil, dope, weapons and the human traffick trade.
In Syria, the Jews are allied with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Sunni states assisting the John McCain ISIS terrorists, against President Assad, who was supposed to be toppled so Syria would become a terror launch point into the Caucasus against Russia.
Hence Russia and Shia Iran, have allied, with the Turks now against their "enemies" in the Sunni / Jew / McCain terrorists, which brings us to the Kushner Elephant entering the room.

 Riyadh, which sees Shiite Iran as a major regional threat, was one of several Sunni states to join Israel in opposition to the agreement.

For the Jews in the Israeli state they have two major concerns remaining: Iran and Lebanon. Iran is Shia and  Iran supports the Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. As an interesting side note in this, at one time Russia and Iran were feeding false intelligence to President Assad in an attempt to goad Syria into attacking the Israeli state, intended to cripple the American beachhead there and in the region.

The Jews have been busy as of late in new confidence of their Jew in the White House of Jared Kushner, in sowing their own Mockingbird propaganda into the world press, speaking of the fact that Hezbollah and Lebanon are the same chimera now, and when war comes, as attacking Iran will unleash thousands of terror rockets at the Israeli state, the Jewish IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will carry out scorched earth in all of Lebanon.
The IDF speaks in definitive terms in massive airstrikes on civilian targets as Hezbollah uses Lebanese civilians as shields, and a massive armored sweep of a few weeks, to clean up the operation at which point the UN will cry crocodile tears and take over the "peace" of Lebanon in piles of rubble we will be stuck with the cost of rebuilding.

According to Bennett, if war breaks out anyway, a massive attack on the civilian infrastructure – along with additional air and ground action by the IDF – will speed up international intervention and shorten the campaign. “That will lead them to stop it quickly – and we have an interest in the war being as short as possible,” he said. “I haven’t said these things publicly up until now. But it’s important that we convey the message and prepare to deal with the legal and diplomatic aspects. That is the best way to avoid a war.”
Bennett’s approach is not entirely new. In 2008, the head of the IDF Northern Command (and today IDF chief of staff), Gadi Eisenkot, presented the “Dahiya doctrine.” He spoke of massive damage to buildings in areas identified with Hezbollah – as was done on a smaller scale in Beirut’s Shi’ite Dahiya quarter during the 2006 war – as a means of deterring the organization and shortening the war.

As you can understand, the Jews have this all plotted out as they are a war gaming people, and Americans are once again being gamed into another war in the Mideast which America has absolutely no interest in, but those Ashkenaz and Vatican benefactors who fund and arm the terrorists, when McCain and Obama are not funding and arming them, are accomplishing all of this, so once war comes, they will be the group in complete control of Jerusalem.

 The threat to launch “150,000 or more” missiles was voiced by Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi on Sunday as he was delivering a speech before army volunteers. Earlier Iranian officials threatened retaliation against both Israel and NATO, should an attack on Iran be carried out.

Yes those Iranian missiles are a bit of a problem and Russia supports that problem, because Russia has learned that when Jews and Americans are occupied, then Russia does not have Chechen problems appearing in their Federation.
The key aspects of the Iranian situation are missiles, and given enough missiles, the Iranians could overwhelm the Iron Dome or Patriot system and produce a most interesting scorched earth in the Israeli state.

Flight Distance from Tehran, Iran to Tel Aviv, Israel

Distance from Tehran, Iran to Tel Aviv, Israel. The total distance from Tehran, Iran to Tel Aviv, Israel is 988 miles. This is equivalent to 1 591 kilometers or 859 ...

Iran may not have 150,000 missiles, but it does have an array which will interrupt the Jewish defense as the Jewish state can only prosecute short term wars.

Iranian Missile Inventory

Medium-range (MRBM)

Medium-range missiles are considered to have a range between 1000 and 3000 kilometers.

With the Iranian offense being the problem that the Jews can not strike the Iranians with success, is added to the Iranian defense, where Russia has sold the Iranians the most secure SAM system of the S  300, which would effectively blow most of the Israeli Air Force out of the air as it is this sophisticated.

Attack Iran, and the Jews lose their entire air cover, and lose their ability to defend itself against a ground attack or against Hamas or Hezbollah terror bombardments, and in that insecurity, the Jordanians and Egyptians might be goaded into settling the Mideast situation to Saudi rules.

The sale of the S-300, even if it is an older model that is less advanced, has always been considered by the defense establishment as a move that will severely hinder an Israel Air Force attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, if such an attack were ever decided on, something that is very unlikely.

We now venture into the non erased reports still online from "reputable" sources as in this gem which stated a decade ago, that Iran would have full production of nuclear weapons by 2015.

US intelligence predicted in August 2005 that Iran could have the key ingredients for a nuclear weapon by 2015.

The reality is though that Iran has been aided by its necessity to being a parry to the Americans, Jews and Saudis in the region, to occupy America from other pursuits in Russia, China and North Korea have all been engaged in providing the key assistance and materials for Iran to produce nuclear weapons.

“With the assistance of Russia, China and North Korea, Iran has developed and tested every component needed to develop and deliver a nuclear weapon against Israel.”
WND reported in February that the NCRI, in a Washington, D.C., press conference, added to a series of disclosures it made regarding Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program more than a decade ago. NCRI has claimed Tehran is operating a secret uranium-enrichment site northeast of the capital city that was not disclosed during the recent negotiations to the United States or to the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA.

 Thee most amusing part in all of this is that MI6 installed the Islamocommunists into Iran, overthrowing the American secular ally of the Shah for a wedge against the Soviets, and the reality blossomed that when the British and Americans assisted Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons in the complex mix of deterrence against India and to assist Saudi Arabia against Iran and Iraq, that it was the British educated Dr. Khan of Pakistan who provided the nuclear advancement which Iran achieved for her Shahab missiles.

Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian has learned. The very existence of the technology, known as a "two-point implosion" device, is officially secret in both the US and Britain, but according to previously unpublished documentation in a dossier compiled by the International Atomic Energy Agency 
James Acton, a British nuclear weapons expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said: "It's remarkable that, before perfecting step one, they are going straight to step four or five ... To start with more sophisticated designs speaks of level of technical ambition that is surprising."
Another western specialist with extensive knowledge of the Iranian programme said: "It raises the question of who supplied this to them. Did AQ Khan [a Pakistani scientist who confessed in 2004 to running a nuclear smuggling ring] have access to this, or is it another player?"

In case you missed this reality of several years ago, Iran skipped the normal advancements which America pioneered and simply arrived at miniaturized tactical nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs, as the Iranians for some reason in chess went for checkmate instead of pawning around.

Iran has a massive nuclear weapon's complex in full operation in Iran. Qum is the home of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Qum the sacred city to Islam is a Muslim shield to deter attacks on this nuclear site buried in a rock mountain as it will require tactical nuclear bunker bombs to attempt to neutralize this nuclear bomb production facility.

Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels - The New York ...
Jan 5, 2010 - Much of Iran's atomic work is also in tunnels. ... Last September, when Iran's uranium enrichment plant buried inside a mountain near the holy city of Qum ... Even the Israelis concede that solid rock can render bombs useless.

Peace in the Mideast is a fiction of course, as the Bible states, that only a false peace will arise from the anti Christ. I do not state that Jared Kushner is the anti Christ, for the Bible states that entity rules a 10 nation confederation which produces a false peace, to gain control of the region and then invades the Holy Land.
So as the anti Christ is not a slum lord who is the son in law of the man entrusted to the throne of Joseph in America, what we have left is the little Jared who would.

In writing this, Kushner has now become the next target of the Obama Bush coup against President Trump. Interestingly Jared Kuschner and Ivanka, were the duo who joined with satan kisser Mike Pence, DIA officer, Steve Bannon and Bush fam working through Katie Walsh and Big Koch working through Reince Priebus, all for their James Baker carbon tax and female nethers legislations, in wiping out the Loyalists and Christians who God utilized to elect President Trump.
Kushner's slum lord family accepted a 400 million dollar bribe from the Chicoms, which was brilliant Chicom strategy to undermine the Trump Administration before talks take place, and Jared with Ivanka have rented a home from a Minnesota miner who is wanting the Trump Administration to roll back Obama mandates for that mining rapine.

I had suspected the coup plotters would wait until they could blow up the Mideast in blaming Kushner's intrigue, but it looks like these children are too inept to participate in the adult world and have been tainted, so that the coming "Trump advisor and expert on the Mideast" can bring about the building non Christian time line.

It does not make any difference if the Kurshner family which hates Donald Trump deliberately took this Chicom bribe to smear the President and ruin their own family member, if it was just a clever Chinese bargaining chip against President Trump, because the reality is it proves the Kushners will sell their own for a bit more than 30 pieces of silver.

War is coming and being prepared for. The Kushners, deliberate or not, but in absolute lust for power and greed for a holy land ruled by an Ashkenaz master have now ushered in. Weakness breeds wars and the Kushner's are a weak race without any Christian Inspiration.

Jonah changed the Nineveh time line and she still crumbled into dust. This peace has stolen what was only God's to give and the payment for that theft will be continuous war.