Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Lame Cherry Oracle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Two questions:

The first was from a kind reader who asked about the computer laptop, and yes I did believe I answered that in I did acquire a used replacement in the thin type which I like in Dell.
Odd thing about these computers in I have to have a sock on my right thigh or it turns bloodshot. Apparently the CPU cooks my capillaries. Gets worse when I have exclusives on things no one should know, and then it really heats up like tonight, but I keep plugging along.
Oh am currently working on fixing the computer as apparently my fingers fly so fast that I do not only wear the letters off, but the key flew off. Fortunately it is not one that is necessary for most typing, and am in the process of figuring what I need.

Second question:

Question ............

If a person was to discover a ROCK, that is not native, with a furrow over 500 ft . approx. size 5ft in

diameter.   Is it worth anything ?  price ?

The Oracle says we look at the map.

If it is somewhere like Missouri, it might be one of the old glacial rocks, which was picked up, moved in the ice and in time ended up in thawing and freezing as sort of bulldozer driving this boulder 500 feet making a trench.

If it is not of this earth, then it is a meteorite, which would be evident in being heated through air friction. This being on top of the soil, having made a 500 foot trench, is fascinating as most bury themselves or shatter on impact.
In theory if it was meteoric, it did not behave "normally" which could mean if this was a meteor it broke up and the piece there slowed down, changed trajectory and skidded. No sense in computing odds, because the rock is there, and since Babe the Blue Ox did not skid it there, it is what it is.

Meteorites have sold for a great deal of money, and as you know, things are only worth what someone will pay.

Classifying it is the first step. Making certain you own it, so some University type does not steal it like they do dinosaur bones, and then it is what it is.

Best assessment I can provide.

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