Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The #NeverTrumper Natural Selection

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above photo is proof of Natural Selection in how train riders are liberals and snowflakes and are so conditioned that when a train is hurling toward them, with a wall of snow, they will not move, because "they trust the train to stay in the tracks and have been conditioned that they do not ever have to change what they do", as some regulation will protect them.

Thee only hope for America is that these train riders will become fodder in a Muslim, Russian, Mexican,  Chicom invasion in their anus and vaginas will so deplete the raping soldiers to tire them out, that real Americans will be able to rally and exterminate them.
If nuclear warfare or biological warfare is employed without an invasion, it will not matter, except Americans will thank the enemy for ridding America of the culls. That part is doubtful though as no Chicom is going to pollute an area they intend to occupy.
So that leaves them as cock fodder and bullet fodder.

This is the tsunami gazers who upon seeing a wall of water coming, ran to the seashore to watch as every animal was running the other way.

As you can tell no ape, no dog, no cat, no coyote was standing around by that track, but there are the #NeverTrumpers expecting trains and avalanches of snow to part for them, because Maxine Waters said they were going to impeach Donald Trump.

Nuff Said