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The Obama Final Solution For America

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Being an honest Christian, I do get perplexed in I simply do not understand if the people around Obama are Trotsky evil in being all chronic liars, or if they just are blinded by the Obama rhetoric.

All of us have heard the Obama rhetoric in peaceful transitions and other statements which are proving to be absolute lies, as we find a plethora of Obama political officers criminally leaking classified information in an open insurrection, which includes riots, using courts against Americans, all to complete the change Obama believed in, in the American Genocide.

There is a puzzling aspect in this which most of you are unaware of, in image Obama was in New York last, hitting up another foundation for his foundation, called the Simons Foundation, who is said to be a benefactor. image Obama has been very busy since being forced out of office in nothing from Val-erie Jarrett moving into the DC home, to the trip to the South Seas is by accident.

See the Obama's are creating the Mega Plex Obama Foundation in Chicago. It is supposed to cost 1.5 billion dollars and the CEO of this is a David Simas, who most of you have not heard of, but was the chief go to guy for Obama in all things political.

It has all been shadowy and hush hush, but there was a most interesting article on this from the hometown of Simas in Taunton Gazette.

Taunton is small city America with a Portuguese immigrant population which Simas was a part of. Everything about Simas points to he is the brains behind Obama outreach to local elections, and was a confidant, so much so the Obama's turned their foundation over to this ideologue in being trusted so much, and that is what is perplexing in Simas seems to be an honest person. So how in this world does someone who is honest, so how does he end up around a group of revolutionaries who are involved in the literal crimes Obama was involved in, and not walk away.

I can tell you exactly what the Obama legacy is, because it is in print in what the Obama Foundation is intended in this quote:

The nonprofit foundation will not be involved in electoral activity, but Obama has spoken of his desire to recruit the next generation of public servants and political activists through his presidential center.
Both Simas and Obama share a concern about the growing political polarization that has arisen as the result of America's fractured media landscape.

What the Obama foundation is creating is a main column of the Obama 5th column in every city and district in America. That is what is behind these foreigners. These are the mini me Barry's of 1970, who will be Uncle Franked into the community communists terrorizing Americans in the genocide of America that Obama believed in.

Every movement has the liars and those who make excuses for the excesses. They are people who are weak and look for a politician to solve what God did not answer their demands for. I am certain that David Simas is Bill Ayers driven in this, in thinking he has the gemstone of creating a nation of little Obama's, not born in America, who will one day elect nothing but foreigners who occupy the White House and will do all the things Stalin's do in the open, that image Obama has to hire others to do in this insurrection.

We have before us two foreign little boys, one a not too intelligent criminal in Obama and the other an intelligence Simas who has the Saul Alinsky protocols figured out and is not content to allowing politics to evolve naturally, but instead is intent on creating mini Obama's to inflict on Americans for the next generation, as being a White Christian will be outlawed and being an Afroid American will mandate that you hand over your American Dream to Mexicans and Muslims.

I feel pity for David Simas, because what all of you have a front row seat to is thee most deadly of intrigues meant to complete everything Obama believed in........realities which human history have proven in sexual perversion, enslaving the masses and a war of genocide to supplant the native peoples, ends in the destruction of entire civilizations.

You can read of Simas lock stepped drive yet on his Twitter.

Simas fails to state the 787 stimulus was all embezzled and accomplished nothing for the economy. The Obama budget was kickbacks to teachers unions, bribes to the medical industry to pass Obamacare and the energy policy was taxpayer subsidies to wind power which drove up all of your electric rates.

The Obama regime stopped restrictions on stem cell research which created an Planned Parenthood market for dead babies.

By the above, the community which nurtured David Simas, in time turned out someone as dishonest as Barack Hussein Obama.

For all of the propaganda about the Obama Foundation not being political, everything about David Simas is the deep state in planned insurrection.

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Can't get over the age tax in the GOP health care repeal. Seniors pay more and get less. If you're 64, premium explodes by $12,900??

 If you are not too intelligent you would fall for the Simas Obama propaganda of old people are paying 12,900 dollars for their health costs. The point is that under the crumbling Obamacare, YOU ARE PAYING 13,600 dollars for hosts of other people's health care.

This is what is embedded and if the Obama mini me's are going to complete taking everything you have, and give it all to others, so that no one has anything but misery, slavery and rationed death.

It is not as if George Soros is not, as much as the Ford Foundation progressing all of this Western Genocide in the Obama group is engaged in something "new", it is the fact that what it appears to be taking place is the Obama Foundation is the overlord foundation for the final solution of the Soviet of America, in this thing is a creature which has is being birthed by insurrection, terrorism in America, fake news, courts criminalizing Americans and tapping into the massive regime restructuring of the US Government so those funds will finance this entire final solution for America through the Obama conduits who received that 20 trillion dollars.

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