Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Russian Double Hook

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This is for my enjoyment for once as this blog has been for the pleasure of too many and the hurt of myself too much. Again though it is a teaching exercise.

I have never ventured with the Russians who plied their fishing knowledge upon the Great Lakes. They were a most clever lot of Russian Hooks and the invention of techniques to not enjoy gathering of food, but instead harvesting it to survive.

The Great Lakes Double Hook is a most interesting presentation of a single line, made double by a swivel, in which two different hooks are presented in different baits at different levels. In ice fishing, fish are notorious for not being where they are supposed to be at depth, and this set up would streamline the finding of fish.

As some States in America only allow two poles per fisherman, the above allows two poles to be doubled to four poles.

This set up would be most fortunate in finding schools of fish, when employed in a series of holes drilled in grid, and fished in 15 minute blocks, to locate the schools and therefore the fish, therefore food, and the proper German Russian insistence on proper management of time.

The Russian American immigrants were a very tough people and industrious. Their genius at fishing on the Great Lakes began in bringing with them the know how of the making of lures from tin cans, soldering on hooks, and producing what is one of the best jigs ever invented, with the Swedish Pimple.

Double rigged baits, whether in Crappie rigs, or a smelt with a slider weight, or a bell sinker with dual hooks for the catfish family and bullhead, and finally the above for boat or ice fishing is remarkable use of the technology of human ingenuity.

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