Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Sidler Mike Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is an episode of Seinfeld where this prick at work kept showing up to take credit for all of Elaine's work when she was turning it in. He literally appeared like a ghost in every picture and Elaine had to give him Tic Tacs to carry around to rattle so she would know when this prick was going to show up.

If you have not noticed, Mike Pence is that way, in every time there is a photo of President Trump, there is Mike Pence appearing like a jack in the box popping up. The President gives a historical State of the Union Speech, and there is Mike Pence on Hannity taking credit for it.

If you recall though throughout the campaign, Mike Pence was the Cassius who kept betraying Donald Trump every time some smear happened. In pussy grab, Mike was the first one to condemn and judge and stating he would cast the first stone in praying for Donald as if Mr. Trump needed this sidler's self righteous natterings.

That is what Mike Pence is. Mike Pence is a sidler, he simply finds ways to appear as Donald Trump's white haired creepy shadow, and everyone is standing around wondering why in the hell this guy doesn't have something to do.

I mean does not the Vice President have a job? You never saw Biden popping up in every Obama photo op. Dick Cheney never appeared with W. Al Gore was living in another universe than Bill Clinton and Dan Quayle was locked in the tower to be kept away from HW.

So what does Mike Pence do. Have some 6th Sense for cameras and he runs over and jumps into the frame?

Seriously, the Secret Service can not even stop Mike Pence from sidling.

In that, the Lame Cherry suggests that President Trump hand out Tic Tac dispensers to Mike Pence, so that the Secret Service can stop Pence from sidling. It is the only remedy in all of this which has an answer, as poltergeists and banshees have less ability than Mike Pence.

It is the only way to remedy Mike Pence, either Tic Tac him, or indict him for leaking. Come to think of it the President should make all the leakers carry Tic Tacs. I bet that even the FBI could find the leakers then as all they would have to do is stand around and listen to the rattles.