Sunday, March 26, 2017

To Kill Wee Baby Apples

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We receive nice notes from time to time from people who like hearing about the plants and animals here, and recently one of our friends asked about some pictures of the Puntz. Something whispered in me to be careful about posting, and it was good Holy Ghost advice, because do you remember my wee baby apple seedlings which were doing wonderful?

Yes they were doing wonderful, until I posted those pictures, and after that they were knocked off the window, while in the crisper, and in one night, one group of them burned with rust, and then got knocked down again.

See I know what it is, like having the floor fall out from under me and about getting killed, as it all revolves around this blog and certain heinous people in real life, who constantly at every word are cursing me, and this is unleashing all sorts of demonic forces, because even with the Donald in the White House cozy now with spiritual tits prosperity sized cups, bad things happen in this Spiritual warfare as this is warfare, just like Job experienced.

There is not any point in telling people to stop or warning them, because they in glee enjoy the thought that they are spreading harm and murder. I would that they understood that THEY ARE DEATH, their thoughts are dead, their will is dead, and they are dead. When they die in physical form, they will face the Great White Throne Judgment of Christ, and it does not matter how many pews they sit in, how much they say Jesus, the reality is their cursings and hate are what they reflect and not Christ's Blessings and Love.
People become what they are, and in Judgment, they will be fixed like satan, in all that hate and death, as there is not any changing or repentance once a person dies. If they are still a soul, their body and soul will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire, and if they became spirit, they will be like satan and demons, along with all of the false spirits being tormented in hell forever.

I have told people this before, but one can witness by the insanity in this world in the mania against Donald Trump, that people in masses are willingly influenced and possessed. They are the Canaanite and Sodomite, and there is not any way for them to recover to become human, because they are so toxic.

We experienced here years of this murder, sickness and evil. I was a target as TL was, as numbers of the Good have experienced in numerous years, so much of this that I no longer count the dead, the suffering nor care, as my focus is on Christ, and the Life when none of this will be remembered.

So for those who wonder about things around here, here am I a huge Spiritual target, even more so after placing the Donald in the White House, and evil has no problem murdering little baby calves or wee baby apple seedlings.
For most of you, you have a few people flipping you the bird in traffic. For me it is this endless gay parade on this blog of people fuming and spewing curses and hate. It is tidal waves of it every day, and like all things they never consider that when satan assaults me and mine, that is a DEBT THEY OWE and SATAN WILL COLLECT FROM THEM, in their own kind and their own eternal death.

I look at the statistics of this blog, and it is amusing to watch Google suppress the numbers of visitors here, because there are daily statistics, page views and unique visitors and none of them ever match up. I could understand if I had ads running here to slow things down to earn money, but this is a matter where in traffic it lists a few hundred at the moment, and then viewers are in the tens of thousands.
That frustrates TL most as TL always says, if they would just donate, we would never have to ask for money ever again. Instead it is thievery, regime minders and the parade of Jews leaving the assault victim on the side of the road for the Good Samaritan to care for.
Thank God for the few good people left in this world, as I thought the destruction was bad around five years ago, and it has ramped up higher yet.

I would that the people on the edge would cease from this and stop harming themselves, but there is such an obsession of hate now that it is a frenzy of lust to destroy.

If some of you who are on the edge, it is advised that you step back and realize the great harm which you are piling up to yourselves. People need to know what they are and consider why they enjoy harming others for their perceived hurts, as there are no excuses in this, and it is all being recorded and you will face an eternal Judgment on all of it, multiplied.

Nuff Said