Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trumpcare can be Passed in Two Weeks

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Mr. President, as Paul Ryan has allowed you to master failure in Obamacare 2.0, it would be advisable that if you put not your trust in Ryan Pence deliberate failure, and did the exact opposite that you would have absolute success.

As the clutter of Paul Ryan lies and Mike Pence deceptions creep out of what Obamacare 2.0 actually was, we discover from Rep. Louis Gohmert (Gomer)  that everything about this Ryancare was a fraud and it was never meant to be passed.
Rep. Gohmert revealed that Paul Ryan personally lied to him and all members of the House, when the leadership stated that Ryancare would be rejected by the Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough:

Gohmert said the Freedom Caucus was told that conservatives' ObamaCare repeal measures fall under the Byrd Rule, and Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, could rule to strip those parts of the bill before a vote.
If that were the case, the bill could be a "replacement" but not a full repeal, because Republicans do not have a 60-vote Senate plurality to pass a repeal that would fall outside such 'reconciliation' rules.
He added that he was told he could not check with the parliamentarian before passing the bill in the House.
Gohmert said that Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) later spoke with MacDonough's office about the claims that a repeal measure could not be added to the House bill under the 'reconciliation' rules and was told otherwise.
"The parliamentarian never rules. They told the president that too," Gohmert said.

So it was a reality that Paul Ryan LIED to President Donald Trump, which means that Paul Ryan picked the day for repeal, knowing this would humiliate the President. Ryan deliberately lied to Sean Hannity in this was a bill all would agree to, and then lied again saying it was a consensus bill in defeat.

Personally, I want President Trump to succeed, as I did in his election victory God gave him, because the same situation applies, in I would have been put into a concentration camp under comrades Bush or Clinton, and I still have the same horrid life under Obamacare.

The President is receiving nothing but bad counsel in this, as his first response was to say he was quitting and going onto economics. If Pat Buchanan was in the White House, Mr. Buchanan would have stated, "Mr President, you can not do that. Nancy Pelosi will say you abandoned Americans to rationed death for the banksters, and every American who hired you to stop Obamacare will feel betrayed and left for dead, because you said you are waiting for the system to collapse on top of them.

That is what good propaganda is, and it is the reality that the White House Press Office, Katie Walsh and Reince Priebus, that Bannon, Zubke and Conway, are not serving the President and worst of all, Jared and Ivanka Kuschner are more interested in their interests instead of the President's interest.

The Lame Cherry will once again put together what needs to be done.

Mike Pence must be made to make a public statement that this is his responsibility, as it was to get this passed with his good friend Paul Ryan. Pence will then state he is stepping aside, and Representative Cathy Rogers will be the White House Liaison with Congress with guidance by former leader Tom DeLay.

Next the HHS Secretary goes to Capitol Hill, with the same Think Tanks that Ronald Reagan utilized for writing tax policy, overseen by Conservative and Moderate House Members, with Rand Paul and Ted  Cruz representing the Senate, to base everything they have in gutting Obamacare, and replacing it all with Trumpcare.

A full guideline will take place based on these mandates:

This is not a Mandate.

This is not a Tax to be implemented by the Supreme Court.

There will be two tiers in this Trumpcare:
1. Trumpshare which covers all Obamacare and Waivers, at a set rate of not more than 15% of their income under the poverty line if they choose to choose to take government assistance.
This will include Registered Nurse triage in treating the poor.
2. Fair Share which covers all who are not in poverty that choose to become insured in three markets.
A. Health savings accounts
B. Health Cooperatives
C. Interstate Insurance for low rate competition.

Reforms will be limits on ambulance chasers in tortes to bring down medical costs.

In addition, the President will invite Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to write the Trumpshare coverage based on sound economics, and if they instead choose intrigue or choose not to participate, then with the HHS Secretary writing their own version at the same time with Religious leaders who are involved in Health Cooperatives, will submit their solution.

This is Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3, all in one reconciliation.

The above will have a 7 day front to end deadline, as 98% of this has already been written up, and this Bill with full support in the US House will be filed, reviewed in committee and passed with an affirmative vote in three days.

This then is the process which will be utilized in the same Think Tanks, in basing the next bills on Tax Reform and Economic Growth on the already proven Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan model.

The President has been betrayed by Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Katie Walsh and Mike Pence. He has received absolute horrid counsel from Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and been far too distracted by the Kushner Kingdom of the West Wing.

Trumpcare can be passed in two weeks. That is the reality as the Tax and Economics team gets the lead out and start working, instead of posing for photos.

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