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Trumping Himself

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President Trump is in the process of dividing his base where he will not face impeachment, but he will be primaried in 2018, and the next President will be those Conservatives who will champion the policies that Donald Trump espoused for Americans.

The Republican House Freedom Caucus was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. After so many bad years they were ready for a win!

If you believe the above Mr. President, you are uninformed, for it was Paul Ryan who secretly crafted a bill to loot America in providing entitlements to the Chamber of Commerce for 6 figure employees, pressure big insurance into a Ryan monopoly, expanded border buster Medicaid and would have driven up health care costs by 45% in 3 years.

The Conservatives saved you Mr. President from the traitors of your inner circle who are moving to remove you from office.

You are a naked President, who allowed the removal of all Christians and Conservatives from staff positions and ambassadorships. The crumbs sprinkled to Jerry Falwell jr, was repulsive.

Yet in your tweets of attacking your very base in carrying out the HW Bush politicide of the Right in America, you pat yourself on the back in rescinding coal regulations, but are so uninspired that you do not do one thing to lower energy costs, build power plants, provide for strategic reserves and set America on correct policy.
The simple paragraph below exposes that what you did was absolutely nothing for the People in West Virginia and the rest of America in need of cheap electricity.

Perhaps Mr. President, if you had advisers who are not plotting a coup against you, or who actually had God in their midst, you would have implemented complete policy, instead of just chiseling Obama's name off a pyramid and placing your name on it, as the pharaohs did.

Mr. President, you remove the restrictions on coal, but do nothing to provide for a national coal reserve, nor begin construction of new coal plants to provide cheap electricity.
Instead you leave "Obama green" in place which requires 40% of American energy to go to triple cost wind power and solar, driving up American utility prices, while leaving electric generation to natural gas burning, which will burn up American consumer supply in decades instead of 200 years.
As you do not comprehend this, natural gas prices have spiked triple in price since consumers had to compete with gas fired electric generation plants.

My apologies Mr. President for revealing you are a naked leader who has been sold invisible clothes from Paul Ryan and your notorious GOPliter insiders.

This explanation from Congressman Louis Gohmert, a Patriot from Texas is the Truth of the righteous defeat of Obamacare 2.0.

Bill Last Week Was NOT Obamacare Repeal or Replacement

Dear East Texans,
Republicans have been promising to repeal Obamacare for seven years now. Some of us have proposed bills that had good provisions that would repeal Obamacare. In fact, we voted on a bill that would have been more of a repeal than this one through the House and Senate last year and put it on then-President Obama’s desk for signature. He vetoed the bill. But let’s be clear: the bill last week was NOT a repeal. It was NOT a replacement. It was an Obamacare tweak giving additional power to the federal government in hopes that our Republican Health and Human Services Secretary could make good changes.
Most east Texans are not in favor of giving the federal government MORE power to solve the problem of the federal government having too much power over our health care. If a true history of the rise and demise of the greatest, freest country in history is written, a chapter will detail how decade after decade, good ol’ go along folks kept providing more and more authority to the federal government rather than reining it in. But we still have a window to stem the tide and get back on track.      
In closed meetings we were assured, if we will just give my friend Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price this extra power, he can weaken Obamacare substantially, though he could not repeal it administratively. However, no one could give an adequate answer regarding all that additional power in the hands of the next liberal Democrat who will one day take the reins at that behemoth department. The answer is obvious: the next liberal Secretary of HHS would bring back Obamacare with gusto, never to be repealed until it does its job—to hand over full control of your health care decisions to the government, paid for by crushing tax burdens.
There were a myriad of reasons to vote against Speaker Ryan’s rejected bill. It would hit people between the ages of 50-64 with additional costs for premiums and deductibles—in addition to what Obamacare does now. In addition to the original $716 Billion that Obamacare cut from Medicare, this bill was going to hit our seniors yet again.
Most troublesome to me was that in our own Republican meetings we heard from experts who believed that this bill would not bring premiums, deductibles or co-pays down at all and they would most likely be increasing for the next two years, though there was hope costs MIGHT come down 10% three years from now.
From what I hear from my constituents in east Texas, they are really overwhelmed with health insurance and healthcare costs. They need help, and they cannot afford to wait three years. They need help now.
Some of us were exceeding concerned about a new “tax credit” entitlement scheme that did not require proof of citizenship, not even legality, before the U.S. Treasury sends a check.  This entitlement was another transfer of wealth from those who work hard and pay taxes to those not legally present in this country.
The bill also assured that nearly 1% of your hard-earned money would be paid for a Medicare tax to be sucked out of your paycheck that already has a tax of 2.9%, half paid by you and half by your employer.
To help east Texans with the higher premiums this bill would bring, my Freedom Caucus friends and I twice agreed to vote FOR the bad bill, if the Speaker would take out a few of the requirements that were going to increase premiums. We were convinced by knowledgeable analysts that removing these provisions would drive premiums down.
Please understand, we agreed to let the “pre-existing condition” provision in Obamacare remain, though some falsely reported that we refused. We agreed to let children stay on their parents’ plans up to age 26, though I would agree to a higher age or no age limit if you are still living with your parents.
There were numerous other provisions that caused some heartburn, such as giving authority to HHA to create, for the first time ever, FEDERAL high risk insurance pools at the cost of billions of new dollars. We were told not to be alarmed, and that the hope was to eventually devolve that responsibility back to the states. As President Reagan warned, however, the closest thing to eternal life in this world is a new federal program.
Even though I was called an uncompromising “purist,” I was willing to compromise significantly if we could just get the premium costs down for my constituents.
People should also be aware that if the vote had been taken, there would have been as many moderate Republicans voting “No,” which some believe is why the vote was pulled in the first place. Republican leaders would not have been able to lay blame unfairly on conservatives when it was clear within our conference that at least as many moderates were concerned about the bill as conservatives.
The House Freedom Caucus reached an agreement to vote for the bill twice with President Trump, only to have Reince Priebus or Speaker Ryan notify us that such a compromise could not be put in the bill because, they told us, it would risk violating the budget reconciliation rules in the Senate and kill the bill.
Repeatedly we were told by our Republican leadership that the Senate Parliamentarian could not tell us in advance how she would “rule” on whether we could include our requested language in the bill without killing the bill. Late last week, we learned that the reason they could not find out was because they simply had not asked her, as Senator Mike Lee reported.
Yet the whole truth of the matter is that the Parliamentarian never “rules” on anything. She or he may only whisper a recommendation into the ear of the Senate President, either Vice-President Mike Pence or a designee of the Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who sits in the chair with the gavel on the Senate floor. It is the President of the Senate who “rules” on admissibility, not the Parliamentarian. And if 51 Republican Senators support the ruling of the presiding officer, his or her ruling stands untouchable.
This letter offers just a glimpse of the many reasons that the last two weeks played out as they did. It is very disappointing that despite the several compromises that were offered by conservative members, we still were not near fulfillment of our promise to truly and completely repeal Obamacare. That is a promise I did not make lightly, and I will continue the fight to honor my pledge to my constituents and the American people by working aggressively to make sure we get a good bill, get it passed, and signed into law.
Faithfully Yours,

Congressman Louie Gohmert
First District of Texas

Mr. President, if you do not return to the God Who gave you this victory to lead His America, you will face a future where instead of leading you will be lead, you will send out to battle and return in defeat, you will be mocked by your enemies and there will be deafening silence as no one defends you.
Your weakness will martial terror attacks and it will build to the Eurasians launching World War IV.
It is vital that you return to God, your Conservative and Christian base as you were put into power to make America Great Again, not to divide it up for the Kushners and Oligarchs.

 What comes next Mr. President? Your jigging with Michelle Obama like George W. Bush on stage, or perhaps your wet kissing the image Obama in more sodomite degradation of America.

Mr. President, you have put away God and His Law, and you have gone after the apostate politicians and the sodomite abomination. God does not empower those to success who meld themselves to the Jehu form that is what history proves.

It is vital that you need Michele Bachmann, Tom DeLay and Patrick Buchanan with Steven Cohen on Russian policy to clothe you with a foreign and domestic agenda of successes or events will overtake this presidency and make it more feckless than Jimmy Carter.

Fighting the American Majority is not wise Mr. President.

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The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!

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