Friday, March 3, 2017

Why Does Kim Jong Un Think American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What follows is an assessment which is something of the utmost necessity, but due to the coup plotters against President Trump, it is not being assessed in the subject of Kim Jong Un, who is by assessment the second most skilled leader in Eurasia, ranking only behind President Vladmir Putin of Russia, and equal to President of Assad in ability.

Those who are wondering of that statement are being brainwashed by those who think how people look, means they are not capable, and in mockery have brought America to a point of dire results.

It is unforgivable what the Bush family did in setting up a meeting with the North Koreans in New York to smear President Trump and to attempt to undermine his Administration through the State Department for the release of Americans in prison there.
It is wreckless and dangerous, because it did not weigh the results of a nuclear Kim Jong Un, being furious and placing 100 million American, Japanese and Korean lives at risk in a nuclear strike, but all that was the focus was weakening President Trump for Mike Pence to pick Jeb Bush as his Vice President.

The fact is there has not been an American regime which Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong Un has not beaten soundly. Jimmy Carter was a failure. HW Bush was a failure. Clinton was a failure. W. gave them the bomb and Obama in an attempted coup frame up against Kim Jong Un, caused the Boston Bombing and wrapped that intelligence operation around Eric Holder, and in a cover up the Chechens who were working for the FBI were fingered for it.
For those who doubt the Boston Blow Job, World Net Daily posted one story on the North Korean connection and Pyongyang responded to it, after the Lame Cherry exposed what had taken place.

For the record, this is who Kim Jong Un is.

In a world of Kim Jong Il, his father, Un was able to supplant the heir apparent in Kim Jong Nam in a perfect coup, and the other "number one son" as he is the 3rd in line.

Kim Jong Un was quickly able to cement power and began picking off those not completely loyal to him, by anti aircraft gun execution.

Un survived the Obama intrigue of regime change.

Un not only built a nuclear weapon of his own volition, but prefected it, to hydrogen bomb status and suitcase deployment.

Un created a nuclear missile capable of reaching the American West Coast.

Un has been firing rockets at America, and the American have been checked.

Now does this appear like someone we should be laughing at or understanding the Lame Cherry assessment that Kim Jong Un is one of the top 3 Eurasian leaders, who is able to insult Peking, and has never bowed to them as Barack Obama did.

The reason the Lame Cherry is posting on this, and the need for North Korean expertise for the Trump  Administration is the latest Kim Jong Un coup, in the execution of his brother, that apparently the Chicoms and other entities were involved in, in trying to replace Un with his deposed brother, Kim Jong Nam.

For the start of this assessment, Kim Jong Un knew of this plot. That means that Kim Jong Un has the intelligence assests in numbers of leading governments. He knew Nam was in the coup plot and cut him off and killed him, before the coup could be sprung, on foreign soil in one of the most interesting of operations.

Point two, Kim Jong Un has intelligence capabilities to track his brothers or other enemies of the state in an operation more sophisticated than the JFK assassination. For JFK there were 2 other misses. when Kim moved, he got his victim the first time out perfectly.

At this point, the Lame Cherry desires you to examine something which has been lost in this as it has occured to none of you. How did Nam die?

No I do not mean women wetting his face nor the means, but how did he die?

Kim Jong Nam was set up in an operation which convinced an Indonesian, and a Vietnamese woman, to think they were part of a reality game show. Their handler had them practice this on two other people, before KNOWING exactly that Kim Jong Nam would be exactly at this place in a public airport to be targeted.
Does that sound like something from Pyongyang television in reality television or does that sound more like something Western as in American or Japanese?

Now that your eyes are opening in this to your thinking, the question in this is how is Kim Jong Nam thinking like an American and not a north Korean, akin to how is Russian media online looking a great deal American and not something from Red Square?

There appear to be some type of contractors involved in this from America, western powers and Japan, who are producing product with a western flair and not of Moscow or Pyongyang.
This is the story in this which is being hidden, as the fake news knows what group in the cartel which is producing this content.

Now take the next step in why would Kim Jong Un go to these elaborate steps in producing an American or Japanese game show punking, actually convincing two loose cannons in the Indonesian and Vietnamese women who could not be relied upon, along with using a WESTERN nerve agent in VX, in what was an absolutely brilliant deployment as the women, their handler and no one else was murdered by this VX deployment?

Why, because it shows an extreme flair, showmanship, a knack for saying, I DID THIS, but leaving a cold trail not in North Korean agents, but a story which is being covered up in, where did Kim Jong Un get his intelligence, how was he able to infiltrate Malaysia this readily, complete one of the greatest executions in plain sight of the very candidate to replace him, and gain enough VX to complete the job, in all probability from America.

Now should America be taking Kim Jong Un seriously, or should the Bush family think they can piss on Kim to piss on President Trump?

No one else once again has told you any of this, for the obvious reasons in they are morons and they are covering up the damning holes in security, as Kim Jong Un is telling the world a complicated tale in the execution of his brother, and he told the intelligence agencies that they have major problems on their hands, as Kim as in the Boston Blow Job has direct access inside American intelligence.

This apparently is why you super rich people do not donate, because you take my God given abilities for granted, and think you know everything and are safe.

In assessment, this game is just starting. In assessment, Kim Jong Un is not going to nuclear pollute his South Korea, but will instead work to achieve a neutralization of the American presence in Japan and Asia, by a neutralization of American focus, so Kim Jong Un will annex his South Korea.

This is why the focus has been on dealing with Kim Jong Un before he passed through his greener days to those he masters now. This is a created problem which has been antagonized and expanded upon by the shortsighted and those insiders who treated Pyongyang like a whore to be paid off or laughed at.

It is why of course the Lame Cherry was not invited into the Trump Adminstration as the all knowing have been handling this so well in serving the President.

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