Sunday, April 9, 2017

A President Succeeding at starting World War IV


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It really does not matter how much fake intelligence McMasters is feeding Donald Trump, how much Jared Kushner has CONservative Treehouse cheering Ivanka Wars and what you think, feel or say means nothing America, because like at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese aroused the slumbering America, President Donald Trump, exactly as this blog has warned, has roused the sleeping giants of nuclear armed Russia and nuclear armed Iran.

There's a terrifying sense of deja vu as the Generals take over the White House and guide us towards another war (despite no-one knowing if it was Assad who used sarin on those civilians) says JOHN R BRADLEY

President Jimmy Carter came up against Iran in his hostages and slunk home as Ayatollahs pissed on the charred remains of Americans.

President Ronald Reagan came up against the Iranians, and slunk home after they mass blew up Marines in Lebanon, which is what instigated Black Hawk Down years later as terrorists believe if you hit American hard they will cut and run.

Now a correct policy of the Russian Card in peace with Putin has vanished for Trumps China card bottom deck dealing from Jared Kushner, as Syria is about three things:

1. A forward base to bring terror to Russia to hang Vladimir Putin from a lamp post.
2. Golan oil for Jews.
3. Dumping Philistines into a divided Syria which no longer exists as it is absorbed into Turkey and the Israeli state.

So let us be honest as honesty has vanished as Mr. Trump embraces fake news and fake intelligence.

Now there is John McCain glee over his promoting arming Nazi's in Ukraine to murder Russians. Arming terrorists in Syria with SAM missiles to murder Russians, and setting up terror camp safe zones to murder Russians, so 150,000 Americans can be sent to Syria to die for a war none of them wanted or voted for, as a prelude to a nuclear war with Russia.

I have told you before the Russians do NOT Tweet like Donald Trump. When they are talking about war, they mean war, because they understand war in being slaughtered by Poles, French and Germans for hundreds of years.

Those who praised Ivanka Trump's bombing of Syria, overlooked there are two nuclear powers in Syria besides America. Iran must have Syria to project it's lines to Hezbollah into the Jewish state, and Russia must protect Syria for Russian survival, because this all comes down to Vladimir Putin saving face.

He is also set to urge the Russians to pull their forces out, something which would involve a major loss of face for President Putin.
It is more than saving face, it is saving his neck as the MI6 anarchists operating in Moscow will have Vladimir Putin hung if he does not win in Syria.

So is a nuclear war with Russia, in which most of Europe is scorched earth from the Rhine to the Danube something you want?
Are American cities vaporized something which you want, because what this war will come down to according to the Seers of Europe is that Russia invades, takes Europe, but America uses WMD's to kill all the Russian troops, and in a final retaliation, Russia nuclear water cannons Italy and uses those nuclear submarines parked off of the American coast to make America pay for this Ivanka salvo.
The Seers also state that Vladimir Putin will be hung in an insurrection. If you cheer that, then be sure to cheer China annexing Alaska and around 300 million Europeans and Americans dead.

Yes just try wiping your asses with leaves and the main course for your daily meal is the shit on those leaves, to keep from starving.

Now is this what you want? Because this is where this is building in the time line. I reset this time line away from this, and now it is back and President Trump is leading it.

From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”
The warning comes on the same day that:

If you missed the above, Russia and Iran are now both engaged to respond with force against the United States, because Donald Trump shot at Iranian and Russian Soldiers first in the Tomahawk Missile Salvo from Ivanka, as they thought it would be a good message to watch Iranians and Russians fleeing for their lives.
Not surprisingly, they are now dead set to take this to the next level, and are taking it to the next level.

What will it take, more American dead in these wars we have no business being in? Cheering responses to Trump chest thumping because Ivanka's crocodile tears got daddy to make the Russians run for her? American cities vaporized and entire states radioactive for years?

This is the insane policy of Hillary Clinton and John McCain, and now we have Susan Rice's best friend in HR McMaster providing NSA intelligence of how great all of these plans are.

It is the worst possible thing in the reality that Barack Obama NEVER did this, because even that moron had people with sense enough not to start a Wes Clarke nuclear war with Russia.
President Donald Trump has forever damaged relations with Russia. This can not be repaired during his Presidency and it is doubtful that any President for a generation if America survives will be able to fix this, because from this point on, every person with a gripe against America across the globe is going to be assessing how they can stick America in the back.

This is what happens when one engages in foreign policy where their opponents only response is military strikes. Sound familiar in what FDR did to Japan and what the British did to Germany twice for two world wars?

Events upon events.

Boxing clever: Donald Trump's war room team are seen on Thursday during the Syria air strikes. But exactly what the white boxes on the table are has been the subject of debate

Oh and yes, let us publish classified photos of CISCO in house communications systems, so that those interested in espionage can access this "closed " system.