Sunday, April 23, 2017

China in English Threatens North Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Xi of Peking has now confirmed that the Ameirican Intelligence community is Neanderthaltard and the President who is fed fake intelligence will believe anything as long as beautiful chocolate cake is involved.

As has been reported here and around the net, the Chicom PLA has been getting action ready it's heavy bombers. The Chicoms have lied to the Trump Administration in stating they are to bomb the North Korean nuclear power network.

BREAKING: China Threatens To Bomb North Korea!

... China Threatens To Bomb North Korea! China has threatened to bomb North Korea and its nuclear ... Beijing warned it would attack North Korea's ...

OK let the Lame Cherry tell the gullible about this so you get this.

China is going to bomb North Korea to stop chaos which is the one thing it will create and cause a disaster for refugees and starvation along the Chicom border.

China is going to bomb nuclear facilities to create atomic pollution which will cause more chaos and expose China to radioactive death.

North Korea has sufficient anti aircraft gunnery to stop Chinese bombers.

Yet because President Trump's good chocolate cake friend Xi says he is helping America, the asstard American intelligence community is believing the terror state of China which has been stealing land in the South China Sea from Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, while threatening American ships there, and threatening South Korea over military training with America.
Of course China is going to bomb North Korea........about the same time Donald Trump regrows his baby teeth.

Everyone is pointing to the official communist media though posting the story about China glowingly going to bomb North Korea for America......a North Korea with hydrogen bombs on rockets which can hit Peking just a few hundred miles away in retaliation..........

But that story only up for moments, was suddenly removed..........BEING WRITTEN IN ENGLISH.

Ok if you still need to be led along, you have the lying Peking Press posting IN ENGLISH a fake news story meant to sucker Americans into thinking that those Chicom bombers are not being loaded with cruise missiles to blow US aircraft carriers to the bottom of the Sea of Japan, in another clever Chinese propaganda operation of China playing all sides against each other as usual, for Peking dominance.

A message in English in meant for Americans, who McMaster and  Kushner Mockingbird Media could not run that story fast enough as it even beat out the story of Donald Trump hiring hookers to piss in the Obama's bed.

This President of the United States is being ill served and ill used, not just by the American fake intelligence, but the Chicoms have the Americans believing any damn thing China twists.

So how foolish is it to believe Peking propaganda written in English to deceive tard Americans?

You should probably answer that.