Sunday, April 16, 2017

Christian Crumbs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most people do not realize that the world Jesus was born into was one of Roman rule, in Rome appointed everyone from King Herod to the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Chief Priests who forced Rome to execute the innocent Jesus of Nazareth.

In exact terms the Jewish leadership was one of most did not believe in the Sadducee and the Pharisee wanted to stone everyone, so few and far between were the Joseph of Aramathea   and Nicodemus votes to protect Christ.

In many ways this mirrors the Trump Administration, as Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer appealed to Christians to vote GOP, Donald Trump promised Evangelicals he was their man, and in the end all America got was Kushner Jews, Pence holy rollers and the apostates like Steve Bannon.

I noticed after the Lame Cherry started making an issue of this, that immediately the Trump group named Jerry Falwell jr as Sec. of of course not, but suddenly Mr. Falwell was remembered and put in charge of something so obscure that no one can find him in government.

Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. to head Trump education task ...

Evangelical Christian leader Jerry Falwell Jr. will head an education reform task force under U.S. President Donald Trump and is keen to cut university regulations ...

That is the reality of Donald Trump and what you need to prepare yourself for, because what Christians are gong to get are sodomized by nominees like Judge Gorsuch, and the sometime's crumb of a Planned Parenthood defunding or the the future promise of an Evangelical to command  the US Army.

President Trump Reportedly Selects Evangelical Christian Mark ...

President Trump Reportedly Selects Evangelical Christian Mark Green to Be Next Secretary of the Army, Replacing the Service Branch's First Openly ...

If you are stupid, you are going to be pleased with that, but if you have any sense you will see a pattern in Donald Trump does not want Christians around, nor do the Kushners. What Christians get from Donald Trump are CRUMBS, but well placed feedings of no power, but are designed to keep the military loyal to Donald Trump to go off and die in Ivanka Wars, because it just proves Donald Trump loves you, because he put a Christian in charge of one branch of 5 in the US military.

So for those who should be keeping track, as in Christians and Loyalists appointed to top staff and cabinet posts.............NONE.


But two appointments out of 5000 positions do go to Mr. Green and Mr. Falwell. Do you see if you had a loaf of bread and divided it up to 5000 pieces, and you got two from Mr. Trump............yeah that would be crumbs, and the reality is you kneaded, baked and delivered that Trump loaf into the White House, and all you get are 2 crumbs.

So be prepared for the next years, if the world lasts that long, in all you are going to get is crumbs like Lazarus at the rich man's feet.

Let us all cheer for that on this Easter Sunday, as to how generous President Trump is in political appointments to those who made him President by the Grace of God.

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