Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Donald Trump & Paul Ryan 2018 GOP Defeat In Georgia



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone should understand the absolute rout which Donald Trump suffered in the Georgia primary in the Atlanta suburb and it is time to start realizing that Paul Ryan intends to turn the House over to Democrats in 2018, to keep Obama policies in place, and begin the impeachment process for Mike Pence to be President, and Jeb Bush as Vice President.

What the Lame Cherry is going to analyze for you is the reality, and I had an inside view of this election, not by choice, but because some asshole decided to try and pimp the Lame Cherry and put me on the Donald Speed Dial List Candidates.
See my email is private, and it is for people who need help in needing prayers in being sick or their life is a shambles and they need someone to speak to. Some asshole decided to put my name on the Trump Lists for sale and I am not going to forget that violation of trust.

If you recall Donald Trump allowing the sale of internet user lists, that had nothing to do with businesses, but it had everything to do with data mining political lists which Mr. Trump has assembled for sale, as his voters never dreamed he would pimp them, and this includes Katie Walsh, her finance at the House, Big Koch and Jared Kushner.

I will explain this again so you get this point. Idiot Republicans are being told that all they need to do is buy these damned lists, and they will become elected. I can tell you that the two Georgia MALE Republicans who used that Trump list, got their asses beat by a woman, who probably did it the old fashioned way went door to door and organized.
I gave the Trump listers a chance to be placed on this blog to help them, and they never even replied. That is the kind of disrespect there pricks have for the voters.

In addition, their campaigns were BACKED BY TRUMP. That means when press reports have them having the White House on speed dial, that these male Republicans were getting full bore support, and the voters in Georgia after receiving that knowledge REJECTED THEM. The Georgia vote was a vote cast against Donald Trump and his Ivankuck Policies.

Each of you had better assess this, as this is coming to your districts, as Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican momentum by threatening Conservatives and betraying the base. It is Democrats who now have the money, the drive and the momentum. If you add up the Georgia numbers, the Democrat is going to win the run off election and that is in a Republican district, and the reason is Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Neocons.
The Kansas Republicans almost got wiped too and it is Donald Trump's responsibility.

For the record, the Lame Cherry is going to progress to every state to place into law to negate Mr. Trump's pimping of voters. The law would mandate that no sale of email lists or sharing of email lists will be allowed, and if any candidate violates that law in contacting voters, it will be a felony,  and that candidate will forfeit the election.
Let these  data miners have their purses taken from them in pimping the American voters.

I have been betrayed, violated and cast aside. Three times now I have had my name sold in this data mining trade and I am not going to put up with it. I will not remain silent on this issue, nor will the Lame Cherry stand around whistling in this cemetary like all is roses, because what Paul  Ryan deliberately did to the Republican Party and the 2016 victory is a crime, and President Donald Trump has rode this movement into the ground. This either gets fixed now or we cement Obama's 3rd Term and Jeb Bush is going to be President by 2020 in this intrigue.

There are millions of you out there, who worked your asses off, endangered yourselves and gave more than you should have, and what we got was lead into this ambush and abandoned.

Georgia is the same red light warning that DNC operatives were  warning the Clinton campaign over in August of last year, and Bill Clinton was complaining about in Clinton abandoned White and Poor voters, and that set up the disaster which became Hillary Clinton shattered which was Robbie Mook in those goddamn data mining shit that all these money whores have been ruining campaigns over for years.

This either is fixed by you making a point of this in disgust of the Neocons and Ivankucked disater in the White House led by Gary Kohn and Dina Powell, with the bullshit Paul Ryan is bringing all of this to ruin, or this treachery has America lose the world war we just were inserted into.