Friday, April 14, 2017

Donald Trump's April 15th Tax Payer Weekend

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry desires to thank Donald Trump as like a good citizen terrified of the IRS and Homeland Security, I paid my income taxes for this blog, as free speech does not exist in America, but free deadbeat readers do, and so do regime minders smearing me for a profit, because the Kushners want to rule without any dissent.

The President is sitting in a multi million dollar resort, which is a really intelligent tax scheme like British aristocrats who keep the palace and let the window lookers prowl the grounds to pretend you are special too. I though will not be flying in Air Force One, nor having Americans pay for my Easter weekend.......sorry Passover, as the Kushner's in the White House dispatch told the world that the Jewish minority comes first and Christians are just Rosa Parks back of the bus.
I have a LaSabre, used, brake lights on all the time since an NSA sweep triggered both TL's and my car at the same time, with 215,000 miles and a pick up with a 135,000 miles. I know that is what the Trump's fly around in a year, but I don't have millions of dollars.

That is the difference between the Trumps and normal Americans, in the New York values brag about paying 30 million in taxes. The thing is that means you have 100 million dollars to start with. That is a far cry from a few thousand dollars and I get hammered to the last penny.

This though is a thank you to President Trump, as I believed him that people would not pay income taxes if they earned under 50,000 dollars because they are poor. That does not matter to the President in he quit on Obamacare rationed death, then was all taxes, and now that is not going to be done either, because how do you notice real Americans in trouble when you are surrounded by:

HR McMasters on perpetual government dole.
Millionaire Jared Kushner
Millionaire Ivanka Kushner
Silver Spoon Dina Powell
Bankster Gary Cohn
Millionaire Don Trump
Millionaire Eric Trump

All who have withholding and tax preparation which had them exploit the system, but even the cheap seats in Trump inner circles are 6 figure salaries, so it is not like none of them have gone without anything when the Mar Largo dinner gong rings.

I am disappointed with Donald Trump. Fred Trump raised him better than this, and yet the President is like a kid who gets tired of his lego set project and just moves on.
The thing that really is something I NEVER would have considered is my family were American Patriots. They lost due to 1776 their families, their freedom and their finance. My Great Grandfather came to America after working for 1 dollar a day for three years. None of these people, like every good person reading this would ever have entered the White House and thought, "You know we can't uplift the rednecks who voted for us, as it would be bad for business, as rednecks do not stay in 1000 dollar a night hotels or play golf. So fuck the rednecks, as we are going to make Trump policy for the rich people who will buy our family brand."

That is an exact statement from someone who knows the Trump children in their policy of forcing Donald Trump to not keep his promises and to change every policy from NAFTA, TPP, China and NOW TALKING DOWN THE US DOLLAR, is what the Trump cash register is about.

So I am someone who has nothing because I am honest, and I actually took care of my parents, and am someone who actually was spied on by Homeland and FBI for writing this blog in promoting Donald Trump,  I am not someone who posts on this blog with the intent of seeing how I can sucker money out of people for the Lame Cherry "name brand. To do that in the White House is absolutely unAmerican and that is what the Trump family's first thought is.

I am not Donald Trump and I am thankful for that, but more sad for him, that he is not a little like me and millions of other Americans. He has one of the most perfect First Ladies in world history. America is blessed for Melania Trump. Baron is a good boy and I trust he will have a positive future from the fine upbringing of his Mother.

For the culls though like me, I am sitting here thinking what we could have done with that missing 15 and 25 percent of our poverty income, because Donald Trump never went to work for us in keeping his word in the way each of us kept our word to God and to Donald Trump and voted for him, instead of staying home on election day.

PS: And a thank you to the President for taking our tax payer money in his salary, which he said he was not going to take one, and putting it into the hands of the park service, who should all be fired and the land turned back over to Americans, as paying uniform wearers to point guns at us is something we never voted for either.

Nuff Said